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The Huge Wall of Quotes
Pharaoh Dez [VtNr] : Squiizax: The Squeezable Force.
ShinyVictini [VtNr] : Velcro: The Attatchable Force.
anim: Velkin more like pumpkin
anim: girl

Fact: Snipers prove their dominance by wearing brightly colored Angers.

_charon |LAB|: no idea what server would actually run this map
_charon |LAB|: it's too fun for most servers

Quacka's: I just murdered two men with one trash can.

_charon |LAB|: you're being healed ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ give me the sandwich

Anim : Pounce like a turtle sting like a kitten

_charon |LAB|: lines are a breeding ground for human ignorance

Anim : Worst big sister ever. SHE DOESNT EVEN ABUSE ME.

Anim : (ง'̀-'́)ง cod quiksops

_charon |LAB|: because i'm an engineer
_charon |LAB|: that means i hit problems with a wrench

_charon |LAB|: Also the reason the corpses in TF2 disappear is because Medic's doves come out of his coat and eat them when no one is looking

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: fun fact
_charon |LAB|: you're a fun fact

_charon |LAB|: invisible demo is back and now he shot a sticky through the cart
_charon |LAB|: ok im done
_charon |LAB|: you win game


Pharaoh Dez #ThankYouBasedGaben : Sudoku.
☭shenron [VtNr] : jumanji
♚Prof. TrollDemo Ph.D[VтNr] : checkmate
☭shenron [VtNr] : you sunk my battleship

Lead Luigi : rip in piece velkin
Velkin: the Stoppable Force : ... what the hell does that even mean
gamerguy_1 : rest in peace in piece

Hawx : *raises hand quietly*

MillkyJ : im not gonna lie
MillkyJ : i'll do sexual favours for keys

Velkin: the Stoppable Force : Nope.avi
Player SmokieDaBear left the game (Disconnect by user.)


Velkin: the Stoppable Force: dammit i'm watching gintama
_charon |LAB|: NOT ANYMORE

_charon: mvm is actually about stoping robots from putting bombs in my router

halloween_themed_name_charon: my boredom is a force to be reckoned with

Velkin: the Halloween Harbinger: the sun never sets on the great british galactic empire
Velkin: the Halloween Harbinger: mostly because it can't
Pharaoh Dez (Mummified): Regular British moon citizens by night; British Galactic Empire by night.

Troggie42 : I want to snag some buds and an unusual with an effect and just wander around being terrible
Troggie42 : sniping through windows and ♥♥♥♥

_charon: thieves don't take kindly to thieving scum like you

[RANK] _charon is Ranked #68 out of 1590 Players with 0 Points!

XxDjRahdumbxX|Lies: When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.
Velkin: the Stoppable Force: cool
XxDjRahdumbxX|Lies: :D
Velkin: the Stoppable Force: now go preach somewhere else, socrates
XxDjRahdumbxX|Lies: D:

_charon: DILEMMAS

_charon: oops one of those shouldn't be there
_charon: although it's good
_charon: which is why it shouldnt be there

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: hey guy
_charon: nope

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: How about them snowgloves
Enemy Scoot: their impact on the economy is immeasurable

_charon: im playing the soviet anthem on a harmonica
_charon: game of the year

[SM] Dez, The Phestive Pharaoh: Kicked Dez, The Phestive Pharaoh (Reason: "♥♥♥♥ this ♥♥♥♥.")

santa_charon: also fish can fly, instruments crash the game, and you get christmas spirit by committing genocides

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: also i think you're in the Huge Wall of Quotes the most
_charon: probably
_charon: I'm pretty sure everything I say is comedy gold
_charon: Or at least comedy uranium

_charon: Batman with a chainsaw
_charon: good times

_charon: Also I spent my lunch watching a video of sloth crossing a road then a bunch of really weird conspiracy theory videos because that part of Youtube

Ruthic: Only a Sip: I like how this is how CoD is tagged on steam

Hetalian Creeper is a Raptor : Will do sexual favors for tickets
Hetalian Creeper is a Raptor : ♥♥♥♥ wrong bind

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: so putting that on the wall of quotes
Hetalian Creeper is a Raptor: WRONG BIND

_charon: Why must everything have charge and stunlock me
_charon: And why do they no longer get scared in hardmode
_charon: Everyone is a stone cold badass
_charon: Even the frog babies

_charon: DIE FROG BABY

_charon: meteor time already?
Velkin: the Stoppable Force: yes
_charon: Frog babies got what they deserved

_charon: putting grass mustache on my elbows
_charon: only way to survive
_charon: in the WOILD

_charon: Now the cops just look at me as I smash their faces
_charon: neat
_charon: Thanks, tutorial powers!

Hammy The Ham Pyro : If you guess my number 1-100 you get a free item, could be a hat.
♦ThatNoob♦ : 69
Sherm : 69
Sherm : Damnit

Pharaoh Dez: In a matter of 45 minutes, I've become a Satanic Queen of Goat Ville. This game is a fair and accurate representation.
Velkin: the Stoppable Force: your mother must be proud
Pharaoh Dez: Hang on, I'll call her and ask.

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: but who are you
[ϽHԀ] ☢CAUTION!☢: You said you liked friends because you're like "I love me some friends"
[ϽHԀ] ☢CAUTION!☢: So half the server added you

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: left, right
Velkin: the Stoppable Force: they're directions
RuthicDryHumpingAPolarBear: No they're ways of life.

_charon: BEHOLD

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: The voices in my head won't keep me company forever

_charon: Went to Joe's house for the first time in a long time, and discovered something horrific
Velkin: Petrifying Platapuses: yes
Velkin: Petrifying Platapuses: continue
_charon: Not only is his WiFi now "Joe Wireless", but his family members actually call him Joe now
_charon: what have i done

_charon: He's SUPPOSED to appear on Christmas then leave
_charon: But he never, ever leaves
_charon: He ruins all my photos :C
Velkin: the Game Over Hero: What's he do
_charon: He's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Santa, that's what
_charon: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ DINOSAUR Santa

_charon: Also releasing T. rexes to the wild
_charon: Where the hell do they go?
Velkin: the Game Over Hero: Space.
Velkin: the Game Over Hero: Or Mexico.
_charon: Launch them into the sun, that's where they come from
Velkin: the Game Over Hero: Possibly Britian.

PharDough Dez : If someone bought and accepted the ring today, would they be newlybreads?

BREAD HYPE: HOLD THE ♥♥♥♥ UP ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

_charon: Cookies may not be enabled on your browser. Check that all cookies are allowed by your browser or try logging out and logging back in.
_charon: screw you too

Ruthic: You know, I'm supposed to save the king, but I just really wanna go shopping.

_charon: if primates hadn't evolved rodents would have taken our place
_charon: squirrels are basically dumber monkeys that can climb better
_charon: and then rats are basically smarter squirrels that can't climb as well
_charon: so rats are land monkeys

_charon: ha ha ha THAT ISN'T A PUN DAMNIT.

Velkin: the Stoppable Force: i decided to use my tablet one last time to see if I should keep it or refund it for a different one
Velkin: the Stoppable Force: so therefore it unbound my keyboard
_charon: if it's going out, it's going out with a bang

_charon: no
_charon: only bullets
_charon: laser bullets
_charon: of plasma

_charon: jump from building to building like batman with an assault rifle

"Why can't every other living thing be a round ball of grey" -Ruthic
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you say friendly, yet we have never spoken
very suspect
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Friendly Guy !!! ❤️
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you say friendly, yet we have never spoken
very suspect
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you say friendly, yet we have never spoken
very suspect
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Friendly Guy !!! ❤️ 
We can be friends  for future games ^_^ 
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