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David   Dallas, Texas, United States
Otherwise known as 'Vector' if your into that whole brevity thing...

Been playing video games, well, quite frankly, since you were born - back then they were only video arcades, so we dropped about $50 worth of quarters into any given machine - that's about how long it took till we could pwn the game!

My first FPS PC game was Doom (1992?), and then came Half-Life in 1997, and soon after Team Fortress/Half-Life Deathmatch - all of which we played till our fingers bled! Others that I particularly liked (and spent weeks of my life playing): Day of Defeat, MechWarrior/Mercs-Titanium/Mech-Commander, Call of Duty(all of them), BF1942/Battlefield-2/BF2142, Counter-Strike, etc. I also love my solo strategy games: Sids' Civ series, Panzer General series, All the Total War stuff, and dozens of others... And I was playing World of Warcraft within the first three months of it's release! YIKES!

Sometimes I get real drunk while playing FPS's and become a loud-mouthed asshole... My Apologies! ...but you still want me on your team 'cause I'm a nice person in RL, and a pretty damn good multiplayer most of the time and I really don't mean wrong by anyone.

Currently, you'll find me playing: Team Fortress 2, World of Tanks, Hearthstone and ...

Also, Bob is your Uncle.

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Thx bro happy new year
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happy new year Vector !
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Merry Christmas :)
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You loco ese