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Steffan (Vec)   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
"I came I saw, I came I saw,
I praise the lord, then break the law,
I take whats mine, then take some more,
It rains it pours, it rains it pours".
"Pull my heart out of my chest,
Train my mind so I forget,
Sink your teeth into my bones,
Dig me out then fill the hole"
"I don't want another drink, I just want that last one again"
"You've been through some shit, through some shit
Hold on tight, don't lose your shit
You're just like me, I'ma prove that shit
Got a noose tied tight, better loosen it
Haven't slept all night, hallucinatin'
40 hours, mind is fadin'
Heart is racin', grip your chest
Contemplate about your death"
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crimSoNs- Quotes.
I plan to read all of these quotes at crimSoNs funeral. Date for this has not been confirmed.

The first quote will be "This isn't a funeral, theres no fun its just an eral"

"Finger until he forgets!" -crimSoN 2018
"I'm the coolest duelist!" -crimSoN 2018
"Everyone quiet, he might say a funny" -crimSoN 2018
"You look like a Tesco value Deli made salami sandwich" -crimSoN 2018

"Hey guy, what doink?" -crimSoN Sept 2018 (Universal)
"Ye but this isn't an elecrtical fire, there's no fire its just an electrical" -crimSoN Oct 2018
"Vex why do we live in an Amazon Warehouse" -crimSoN Dec 2018 (xMas)

Dumb Sh*t he says (Love u crim <3)
Vec: "What you want dick in your ass?"
crimSoN: "I had a moment like that"
"It was at this momen Steffan dropped his pants, and showed his Johnson" -crimSoN
Jake's Quotes...
"She part of the itty bitty titty committee but I respect that" -Jake 2019
Jarek's Quotes...
"I think subverse is a great concept, its Mass Effect with tits" -Jarek 2019
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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+rep Talks about passing the boof.
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The gaps marbage
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talk aboot a dead invent LOOOL
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+rep the queen is a♥♥♥♥♥♥but you deserve a +rep
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+rep friendly
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-rep thief taking a some1s gun.