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heya. i'm an idiot. welcome to my steam page.
heres a picture of a penguin []
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I am Varsk, hello.

I'm not going to list my age, gender, sexuality or whatever because that is dumb. Why would you want to know which way I swing anyways you perverts.

I am a Moderator on LazyPurple's Silly Servers , if you wish to donate contact Strider or Serket

I'm from the UK and I am one of those rare English people which live in the North of England rather than the South of England. Specifically, I am a Yorkshireman. (That doesn't mean my diet consists of Yorkshire puddings and that I'm an actor on Coronation Street.)

I bought the orange box for console back in 2007 but I've played PC TF2 since 2011 and I love the game to bits. Always loved the game's unique style and its classes (also the domination lines are clever and funny as heck.)
I main Heavy in TF2 and play that class competitively, I'm currently playing in Silver/Mid as Heavy. I'm quite popularly known as the "God Heavy" due to my Heavy loadout having a similar appearance to that of the almighty.

Varsk : xya u like vore dafuq
Xyarah : I DONUT
Xyarah : DON'T*
Varsk : you donut
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these fucking dialogue options omfg
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A group for those who worship (appreciate) the one true god Varsk.
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Bees Aug 26 @ 2:07pm 
nay, thee.
Varsk Aug 26 @ 1:54pm 
no u
megzi Aug 26 @ 1:15pm 
Lesbian much?
Krazer | Aug 17 @ 7:20pm 
I'm not trading any of my unusuals. Thank you for the offer though.
Varsk Aug 17 @ 6:08pm 
offer sent
Robot Navlis Jun 30 @ 5:26pm 
greetings you have been visitied by Stan the grumpy stone Person :woodleenemy: you must excuse him for he is always rather grumpy but felt like saying hello to you in this here comment section, it took him 1000 Rock's to get here after all. Stan the grumpy stone Person, is leaving now, auf wiedersehen! :woodleenemy: