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Nothing in my inventory is for sale (except for my steam gifts), that of course includes all of the unusuals I've owned and have. They're apart of MY collection, and if I want to sell them to you, I'll contact you personally. My profile is private for a reason.
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Currently on the hunt for an Ant-Freeze, Arcana, or Secret to Everybody god tier unusual

Hello, for whatever reason you've some how found yourself at my profile. This may be for a couple reasons, including profile art , selling stuff , trying to buy stuff or you just wanted to be friends . I've made several sections below to outline about how to go about these things below. I would appreciate that if you do somehow end up being on my friendslist that you don't do any of the following:
- Spam me, this includes with group invites, moronic messages or just being a douchebag.
- Begging for stuff. I worked really hard for my inventory, everything I have (at least the unusuals) are the remnants from when I cashed out quite some time ago, or items that I've recently purchased via the steam market, OPSkins or through regular cash trades. The bottom line is, I can't give stuff away for free. I do however do an occassional raffle at TF2R [] which does include a yearly unusual giveaway!
- Harrassment. I'm a very busy person, when I'm online I'm usually dedicating my time to new releases, making profile art or expanding my collection. If I'm marked busy on my profile it's for a reason . Please, please, please do not pester me about liking or wanting to buy one of my unusuals. It doesn't matter what you offer, unless otherwise specified; NOTHING is for sale.
- Scam Attempts, I'm very savvy on this thing and having participated in regularly risky trades between myself and other users I'm aware of how things work. If you're a scammer, don't even bother trying. On the rare occassion my stuff is for sale, I only go first with people who I've either traded with before, or trust beyond reason. I'm aware and up to date on the moronic methods you use to fool people, they won't work on me.

Profile Art
I do profile art and closed commissions for steam profile backgrounds. These almost always require payment if you're not someone I personally know, especially for animated backgrounds. The best way to contact me for a commission is via email specified on my posts (assuming I have any at the moment) or through steam. It's important to note that pricing scales with the specifications you want, and I usually don't accept items unless it's under certain circumstances (we're friends, I've made work for you before etc.). That being said, be very accurate with what exactly you want done. If you have any intentions of stealing any of my work, I'll ensure you're on the blacklist for /r/SteamArtworkProfiles, just don't do that without my permission.

Buying Stuff
As mentioned before, I DO NOT have anything for sale, unless I've made a post somewhere or I'm advertising on my profile items for sale, do not expect me to even consider any offers on any of my items. I don't have any intention of taking any offers anytime soon, particularly on any unusuals I have. The only items I'm consistently trading are keys, and gernally speaking that's just via cash trades.

Selling Stuff
I'm usually only accepting friend requests for people that have a bulk amount of keys that are willing to sell at the above listed price. If you have a backpack, or bulk unusual sale I'm probably not interested. Regardless, if you think you have something that I might have some interest in, or its a hat or effect I've specified to be looking for, go ahead and shoot me a friend request!

Bear in mind that I might not be interested in purchasing entire backpacks, and rather in bulk (since most of your items will probably be outdated or overpriced anyways). It's also good to note that there's a possibility of impersonators, as there has been with many other high-priority users on steam. Please ensure that my account is all of the following:
- 12 Years Old (Should be displayed as my badge on my profile)
- Has a variety of unusuals, usually at least over 500~ keys (Currently 700 keys)
- At least level 60 on steam, I am however constantly leveling and I may end up being higher at the time of reading this.
- Speak English with perfect grammar and spelling
- Primary group as Vatican City (The best server to sell unusuals on).

Want to be Friends? :3
If we've played in a game together, had a nice mutual trade, or have some friends in common I'd be delighted to add you on steam! Just please do not try to do any of the things I've listed above, including the following: Begging, Harassment, Scam Attempts and most importantly exploitation. I've had dozens of people in the past try to get friendly, just to have them try and shoot me off with a bad deal, or worse, a scam attempt (usually on items I've even specified as not for sale!). Please don't be one of those people, it's kind of creepy and just a waste of time.

If I for whatever reason remove you on steam for no reason, it's probably because I've cleared my friendslist. Otherwise, it's simply because there's been little to no contact between us in months, or you've done some of the things I've specified as NOT characteristics of being a good friend.

System Specs
This computer costed around $2,800 (including most of the peripherals, a lot of items were purchased during a sale, which compensates for the decrease in pricing).

Case - Corsair Air 540 White Edition []
Motherboard - ASUS Maximus Hero VII []
CPU - Intel i7 4790K (OC to 4.2 Ghz) []
GPU - Gigabite GTX 980 Ti G1, 6 GB's of Video Memory []
Water Cooling - Corsair H110 with Cor sair Silent fans. []
Power Supply - EVGA G2 1000W Gold 80+ []
SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB's []
Hard Drive - Seagate 3TB []
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16GB's DDR3 []
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The Vatican City - Public Group
Welcome to Vatican City
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This guide explains how to quickly and easily identify a Steam background on someone's profile without the need to ask them or try to look through their possibly private inventory.

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