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CjTheFish Aug 20, 2019 @ 3:51pm 
What e-sports team am I on? Why I thought you would never ask, I am a part of XXX LEGENDS (pronounced triple x legends) we are 10 time fortnite cup allstarts and 5 time pubg international cup super soldiers. when i was young, (around age 13) I was injected with a special gamer serum that enabled me to perform at the highest level. as soon as the serum entered my bloodstream i knew that no other gamer stood a chance against me. i immediately began crushing noobs and 1v1'd many people from my school. they stood no chance against my abilities. these days i still have the serum but the affects are much less strong. These days when I feel the affects subsiding I take a suppository of gamer girl bathwater and that usually provides me the boost that i need to finish first place.