Austin Phillips   Amarillo, Texas, United States
My names Valmoric im a pretty optimistic and nice guy whos pretty hyper and sorta a social butterfly when it comes to the internet i enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them and their strange personalities and i almost always try to keep conversation fun and carefree. I am a big obsessive over History and Anime to the point that i basically base my life around them. Although one of my other big passions if Graphic Art, now i am not some amazing artist who can draw all kinds of OC's and art like that. Im more into the design aspect of Graphic Art. Designing Textures, Icons, Logos, Photoshop edits. Stuff like that. I enjoy being creative and and very organized.

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Skype: zxvalmoricxz

Discord: Valmoric#9237

Skype: zxvalmoricxz



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Loki Caribou Nov 12 @ 11:26am 
Good bye my friend my we meet again. In a less silly place.

Second to the right and straight on til morning.
José Stalindo Nov 11 @ 6:15pm 
Hello, can you tell me when the new pack will come out of the reborn enclave mod?
Nyaxie Nov 10 @ 12:44pm 
Rest in peace. We hadn't talked in a while and I regret that. Hope the next life treats you better.
Jakalor Nov 10 @ 2:53am 
Rest in peace. I liked you, even though I'm not sure you thought I did. Wish we had played more together while we still could.
ColaBottle Nov 8 @ 5:33am 
Rest in peace, Austin. A young, talented individual gone too soon.
Fox Nov 8 @ 4:43am 
Hope you in better place