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Name: Just call me Foxi !
Age: 23
Birthday: 17th March
Personality: INTP-T

About me:
 ᐅ In short I'm a open minded, smart, friendly, strong and really kind person.
 ᐅ I'm currently studying in Karl-Ruprecht-University. (Its the biggest one in Germany)
 ᐅ Normally I'm not very talkative to random strangers, so if I don't talk much it's normal.
 ᐅ I rarely start a conversation if i dont know you much.
 ᐅ Most of time i'm busy coding stuff, training or doing some creative things.
 ᐅ I really love it to learn new things and improving my skills from day to day.
 ᐅ Yeah I play games ( I mean its fucking steam! ),
 ᐅ If there is any coop game you want to play just ask im always open for them.
 ᐅ Since i wasted so much time for GW2, i don't want to play any MMO.
 ᐅ I'm not a weeb !
 ᐅ I'm always using my time as most efficient i can !
 ᐅ Isn't it called Foxy? No, it isn't. In german it's called Foxi.

I Like:
 ᐅ Anime ,Games, Music, Animals, Nature, Sports , Maths, Physics ,
 ᐅ nice looking glasses ( yeah i wear glasses ), expensive clothing,
 ᐅ Art, watching videos, Final Fantasy Games, Overclocking,
 ᐅ Coding, Bios/Hardware modding, Cute things, Happy people
 ᐅ and most important Foxes !!

Things I don't Like so much:
 ᐅ VAC / Trade banned profiles
 ᐅ Hackers, Scammers, Beggers, Trolls and Rude People. ( Damn don't waste your time
 ᐅ with doing shit, its not funny )
 ᐅ Ppl who always complain about their life.
 ᐅ Pls don't start a Conversation with just 'Hi', its annoying.

Some important things:
 ᐅ Even if I'm open minded please respect my opinion and
 ᐅ dont try to change me if i dont want it, thx!
 ᐅ I won't add private profiles !!!
 ᐅ Don't ever try to scam/phish me, I'll immediately report you!

Everything else:
 ᐅ If you need help with some coding projects, optimizing code,
 ᐅ coding software, repairing hardware, building / setting up a PC and more I can help.
 ᐅ I like to help everyone if he/she needs help with something,
 ᐅ but pls don't spam me with every problem you got, thanks.
 ᐅ I'm currently a bit busy since i need to work and study at same time,
 ᐅ so pls stay calm and be patient if i dont answer you.

 ᐅ CSGO Skill level : Average Noob!

  Feel free to add me.   

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Welcome to my Profile.
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Trade Rules:

 Minimum level 10 for card trades.
 I will trade cards from a set for any other cards from the same or different set
   aslong I own the game for and don't have already badge lvl 5 on it.
 Coupons are free and have no value for me, if you need some of them just ask,
   i'll give them you for free. ( I will not give free coupons for lvl <5 profiles )
 Please send your offer as 'trade offer', I only accept 'invite to trade' from ppl i
   know for long, thanks.
 I'm also interested in Gems / Keys and CSGO items.

 I will not trade with you if you have confirmend / unconfirmed Reports on Steamrep.
 No Bots! I will NOT trade with Bots!
 I'm not interested in Coupons.

 ᐅ Feel free to send me a Trade Offer .
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Notebook specs:

• Intel I5 6600K (Desktop CPU) (-170mv)
• Nvidia 970M MXM 3.0 6GB
• Kingston HyperX 32GB 2400MHz SODIMM
• 256GB M.2 SSD + WD Red NAS 1TB 2.5" + Samsung M9T 1.5TB 2.5"
• Debian, Linux 4.13 Custom Kernel*, Gnome Desktop

Workstation specs:

• Intel Xeon E5 2680v2 @ 10x3.6ghz 0.9v (water cooled)
• Gigabyte 980ti Waterforce @ 1500mhz 1.193v, 24/7, ASIC 88.6 6+16GB vRam
• MSI X79 Big Bang XPower II, BIOS mod
• 8x 4GB Micron ECC unbuffered
• 2x 2TB WD Gold Raid 1
• 3x 1TB WD Red Raid 5
• Intel 82579V & 82574L ANS ALB-Group
• Creative Soundblaster Z
• Enermax Platimax 1000w Super OC Edition
• AeroCool XPredator White Edition XL-ATX
• Arch, Linux 4.14 Custom Kernel, Gnome Desktop / Windows 10 Dualboot
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We Love Foxes ! - Public Group
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