Vain Glory AKA 3Fort   Texas, United States
Hey! I am Shadow Dio sama of tumblr/3fort of spuf/Vain Glory.
I am a digital artist who does free lance art on the side of going to uni. I also have a rediculous amount of frying pans since they bring me joy.

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Please check out my commission page [] if you need art of any sort! I do ocs, fan art, logos, etc etc, just ask!
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Freelance artist and graphic designer!
I'm shadow-dio-sama [], digital and traditional freelance artist. I do a lot of digital work and recently have started doing more traditional works in pen and ink and paint. I also do cosplays and the occasional prop build, along with some photography. I love to stream my art on picarto [], I hope you can come and watch some time.

Spare change?
I draw art for fun, patrons or no, but if you like it you can help out by tipping. You tip your waiters, baristas, why not someone who creates art you really like? Its a great way to say "You're doing a great job, keep it up!" that helps me keep my self going so I can keep putting out art. It also helps me cover basic living expenses like food, medications and doctor visits, and cleaning supplies. If you'd like to help out, please visit my patron page []

More about me:
I am a full time student at University of Houston and I live on campus. I have a part time job setting up ball rooms and meeting rooms (which is rough work to be honest), but I'd love to replace that with an art job that pays better. I am going for a bachelor of art and a minor of art history and on my final year. I live with my cute pet axolotls and goldfish in a dorm building that must have been built in the 60s. My hobbies include gaming (I play Overwatch! ), practicing aikido (Japanese martial arts), and a little daubling in bodybuidling.

I've been doing commissions for over 4 years and its thanks to the support of my customers and fans that I can do art and cosplay. If you are interested in a commission, please check them out here. [] They're open to everyone, not just patrons!
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Hey, Shadow Dio we played Marvel vs Capcom on FightCade some days ago, right?
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Hey , i was wondering if you could make some medals in blender and port them to the workshop
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