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Hazard Mar 27 @ 9:31am 
Ah haha me again 5 minutes later and i see you still didnt reach out to me, thats ok i get it your busy with your full time content creation and all that jazz, well just so you know im still here waiting for that dm. dont worry no matter how long you take ill still wait for the message to come through. well i hope you have a good day today with your content and rocket league gameplay, i also saw you hit SSL with that "Hazard" guy, so like are you cheating on me or something? anything you want to talk about? i thought we were something, but its all gone now, i dont know what to think now.... how will i ever recover...... Well if you need me my dms are still open 25/8 for you and you only. ah haha just let me know if that Hazard guy decides to leave then ill jump in like a knight in shining armour ahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha. Alright bye for now ill be awaiting that dm <3
Hazard Mar 27 @ 9:26am 
Hey your really cute, i noticed that after i donated to your stream you didnt say my name??? hahaha maybe you just missed it, i get it your a big streamer, but it made me really sad that you didnt say my name while live playing rocket league. Maybe we can play together soon tho, i think your like, really really cool and i want to be friends with you, well maybe more then friends but we can talk about that later hahaha. well let me know my dms are always open for your messages, i love you, i mean woah huh did you hear something?? I think im going crazy because i definitely heard you say i love you back. woah this is moving fast, well my dms are open if you need me ill be waiting patiently, but if i dont get one in about 5 minutes ill message here again. Thanks!
Hazard Jun 7, 2020 @ 9:49pm 
Im 20 years old and counting and these product work like a charm, i haven't had a leak since before i bought this product, i don't know why i ever stopped wearing diapers, my parents are to blame. but now that im back on the diaper train, all my pain, and all that remains is a clean bottom. i am excited for what new and improved inventions are going to be coming from the pampers squad. if you don't wear pampers are you seriously living? Huggies are like a leaky poop, the Pamp is the way to go, the Huggies name contradicts their whole brand, i feel like im being choked while wearing huggies, which is bad btws. but i feel im being carefully caresses while i wear pampers, its honestly amazing how amzingly amazing it feels when im wearing this amazing brand. i feel i havent said enough but i might be taking too much of your time so i will end it on this note. Keeps me as dry as my wifes humour, im single because she was wearing huggies. The end thank you for listening to my ted talk
Rylan Aug 25, 2019 @ 9:39pm 
Hazard Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:36pm 
Hey it's me, we just played together. I noticed you didn't add me but I sent you a friend request hah, maybe its glitched or something. You're pretty cool though like I said before, that's why i got my team to throw for you. It's so cool to see a girl playing in gamess though. I know you have a boyfriend so I hope he treats you well. Like if I was your boyfriend I'd make you sandwiches while you play and buy you chocolate and give you back rubs and call you cool and laugh with you at all your jokes, not really though because we arn't together (at least not yet) ;) Yeah so haha you should totally accept my friend request though so we can talk more and have fun together, just as friends of couse coz otherwise it would be weird and I don't want to get cooties from you ewwwww (just joking, I would like your cooties) :p
t1myv Jul 22, 2018 @ 5:40pm