bottle on b 𓂸
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dont die or u get deku stick on b, unless ur in water then its blank b
look if u guys actually think I stream snipe, its actually pathetic. i played all of you guys for years. i literally hear nothing in the background, and if u heard anything it was my TV who is still going on right now as im speaking la la la la la la la oh you can hear it right? you can hear the tv? listen ive played for longer than most of you been born and longer than most of you played the game. i dont need to stream snipe. listen i dont need to stream snipe. i play this game for pride. i play this game to be the best every single day i come on here i play to be good. i don't play this game to cheat you out of a game. i don't play this game for any other reason so u guys need to drop this bullshit right now. thats all im saying. because im not going to be one of these markes. ive played longer than most of u. like im not gonna be one of these types of players so u need to cut that shit out right now and thats all ill say

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alpha centaur jewel of the galaxy will soon be destroyed by attack from intergalactic warships there is only one chancse to save our solar system

The eyes of Reptilians or Vril lizards (and hosts of Vril lizards), cannot and do not change to slits. The slit-eyes and the “shape-shifting” talk and how they are depicted, are all done to intentionally mislead the public. The eyewitnesses are either fake or they’ve been manipulated via MK Ultra (and perhaps, with the use of drugs) as clones, at the Illuminati cloning centers. The disinformation (alleged first-hand accounts and “research”) regarding these Reptilians, is spread throughout the world by many (e.g. David Icke), so the populace remain in the dark about their true appearance, where they really come from, what they are really capable of (i.e. “turning” a human into a host of Vril or a “Drone” via their proboscis), etc. Furthermore, they are not inter-dimensional beings as they say. They are of THIS dimension and dwell beneath the Earth’s surface. Also, the whole “shape-shifting thing”, refers to a Vril lizard “becoming” a human via the droning process. Additionally, those (not everyone though) that talk about “Reptilian shape-shifters” are somewhat hinting (in a way, that avoids “trouble") about Vril and hosts/drones. Regardless, they are being deceptive and getting rewarded (those “in the know") by doing so. They have sided with aliens (e.g. Vril lizards)/alien bodysnatchers (and the Illuminati) AGAINST humanity, for their own personal gain.

They are trying to prevent me from telling the truth about the Illuminati. My Facebook page (click on my name or Facebook . com /AstralLight21) has more info for free.

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