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You found me by my youtube channel, or you just got your random ass i don't know how over here, but welcome.

I'll be honest about the multiple vac bans on my account.

I cheat in games like CS:GO, C:SS, and more.

I upload cheating content on my youtube channel and you don't have to be a cheater to talk to me, or any cheating youtuber.

But if your a legit player hell of mad, you can't do shit about it, you won't make people stop cheating, there is no point at yelling at cheaters to go get tumor and cancer.

It's true too, lol.

I guess i should tell you some more.

Why do i cheat?

Now the main reason why people cheat is because, their not good at the game, and they need to cheat to become better, which won't make their skill better.

The reason i'm gonna tell you, you won't believe it.

It's just because i want to, i'm not that bad at the game, especially CS:GO.

There is toxic people all around the world, You never know the nice person your talking to, probably toxic.

Now if your gonna leave comments on my profile like: "FUCK YOU CHEATER KILL YOURSELF", "GET TUMOR AND CANCER CUNT", etc.

I won't delete them, especially the nice ones i get. I really don't care if legit players talk to me like that.

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This is something you can relate to croix when your mom is sucking your dong and she stops *DABS*
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gracias mi amigo
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