Totally not from   Germany
Ecchi till i die all these lolis call me (senpai)
Rubbing on her thighs she stay wet for her (senpai)
Shawty so kawaii, and would die for her (senpai)
Ride and watch hentai, all the time with (senpai)
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Some information about me:
Age ~ 20
Gender ~ Male
Languages ~ German (obviously), English
Other Accounts ~ Battlelog: V0lt4X #2482, Uplay: XRS-Volt (I dont use them at all)
Favourite Games ~ Team Fortess 2, Borderlands 2
Favourite Metal Bands ~ Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Kreator...
Favourite Series ~ Tokyo Ghoul, Hajime no Ippo (I watch anime mostly)
Favourite Movies ~ The Big Lebowski, Deathgasm

I do not trade my items

Team Fortress 2:

I'm not that good at the game and i have no aim thats why I'm a Medic main (see what i did there? ;P)

Medic Laodout:
~ Unusual Prussian Pickelhaube (Scorching Flames)
~ Strange Ruffled Ruprecht
~ Strange Genuine Foppish Physician
~ Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Medi Gun
~ Strange Professional Killstreak Ubersaw
~ Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow

My Backpack [backpack.tf]

I dont sell my Unusuals

Item Wishlist:
~ Nothing for now

And now excuse me while I kiss the sky
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MR SLIN's Stream - Public Group
Thanks for checking out my stream!
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I will explain how to obtain and craft Steam Trading Cards. I will also explain how to use the rewards you receive from crafting them.
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