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yes i do change names and pfp very often.

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don't try to scam me plz.
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owo what's this
grothorf 17 hours ago 
You mean.... Pokémon™, the fantastic g- ok ill stop
PlutoniumVoid 19 hours ago 
or atleast change pic to mew from pokemon
grothorf 21 hours ago 
mew? why not.... Mountain Dew™, a refreshing drink, in all senses of the sentence! Buy it now for only 1.99$ on your nearest store.
A Paper Crane Nov 16 @ 4:05pm 
its an american show from glorious america u weeb
Usmex72 Nov 16 @ 12:58pm 
hot news: crane is confirmed a weeb because he's watching rwby
A Paper Crane Nov 12 @ 8:50pm 
if u need a new sens can i suggest 16000DPI, max windows sensitivity, max tf2 sens
ive been playing on it for 15 minutes now and i can assure you that my aiming skill has definitely changed