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:transistor: Not much to say, I enjoy watching horror/thriller movies and I enjoy playing a whole assortment of games from various genres and developers/publishers but I particularly enjoy co-operative, horror, open-world, strategy, survival, and turn-based strategy games.

:med: Note: The lists are in alphabetical order and have no correlation to which I deem more favourable.

:yikes: Favorite Adventure/RPG/Story-Rich Games:
Assassin's Creed II, Banjo Kazooie (N64), Bastion, Bioshock Series, Bravely Default (3DS), Castlevania (NES), Child of Light, Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls Series, Deus Ex: HR, Dishonored, Dragon Age Series, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (PSP), LoZ: Windwaker (GC) & Ocarina of Time (N64), Mass Effect Series, Metro2033, Monster Hunter Series (3DS), No More Heroes (Wii), Pikmin Series, Resident Evil 4 (GC), Tales of Symphonia (Wii), The Last of Us (PS3), Tomb Raider (2013), Shadow of Mordor, Super Hydlide, Witcher Series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, XIII (GC), and the Ys Series.

:yikes: Favorite Atmospheric/Mystery/Horror/Thriller Games:
Amnesia, Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls Series, Dead Space, Demon Souls, Evil Within, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (PS2), Five Nights at Freddy's, L.A. Noire, Outlast, P.T. Playable Teaser (PS4), Silent Hill Series, Siren: Blood Curse (PS3), The Stanley Parable, and The Last Of Us (PS3/4).

:yikes: Favorite Co-OP/PvP/MMORPG/Social Games:
AC:U, Battlefield: BC2, Borderlands Series, BlazBlue, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Don't Starve Together, Dungeon Defenders, Gauntlet, GTAV, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Guns of Icarus, Killing Floor Series, L4D2, Mario Party Series, Metal Slug Series, Monaco, Orcs Must Die! 2, Overwatch, Payday 1 & 2, and Portal 2, Sanctum Series, Street Fighter Series, Super Smash Brothers Series, The Division, Torchlight 2, Trine 2, and Vindictus.

:yikes: Favorite Episodic/Interactive/Puzzle Games:
Alan Wake, Heavy Rain (PS3), Journey (PS3), L.A. Noire, Life Is Strange, Portal, Portal 2, Professor Layton Series, The Stanley Parable, The Talos Principle, Walking Dead (Telltale), and The Wolf Among Us.

:yikes: Favorite Indie/A/B/Early-Access/Kickstarter Games:
Always Sometimes Monsters, Bastion, Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, Darkest Dungeon, Electronic Super Joy, FTL, Five Nights at Freddy's, Gone Home, Guns of Icarus, Hotline Miami, How to Survive, Hyper Light Drifter, Legend of Grimrock series, Limbo, Mark of the Ninja, Rogue Legacy, State of Decay, Strike Suit Series, The Binding of Isaac, The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight, and Transistor.

:yikes: Favorite Open-World/Modded/Sandbox/Simulation Games:
Animal Crossing Series (N), Anno2070, Banished, Cities In Motion, Dead Rising Series, Don't Starve Series, The Elder Scroll Series, Far Cry Series, GTA Series, Harvest Moon Series, Mafia Series, MGSV, Risk of Rain, Saints Row Series, Stardew Valley, State of Decay, Terraria, The Sims Series, Tom Clancy's The Division, Tropico Series, Prison Architect, SimCity Series, Witcher III, and Xenoblade Chronicles.

:yikes: Favorite RTS/Strategy/Tactics/Turn-Based Games:
Anno2070, Cities: Skylines, Civilization Series, FTL, Fire Emblem Series, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Total War Shogun 2, Valkyria Chronicles, and X-COM Series.

:yikes: Favorite Sports/Fighting/Racing Games:
BlazBlue, Burnout Paradise, Driver San Francisco, Street Fighter Series, Super Smash Brothers Series, and the Super Mario Kart Series.

:cell: Favorite Game/Comic/Concept Artists:
天野 嘉孝 Amano Yoshitaka, Jen Zee, John Buscema, 伊藤 潤二 Itō Junji, Kekai Kotaki, and Samantha Whitten.
:cell: Favorite Game Consoles:
SNES, N64, Gameboy Colour & Advance (Pikachu Edition), Gamecube, and the 3DS.
:cell: Favorite Game Designers/Directors/Publishers:
宮崎英高 Hidetaka Miyazaki, 小島 秀夫 Kojima Hideo, 三上 真司 Mikami Shinji, 岩田 聡 Satoru Iwata, and 須田 剛 Suda Gōichi (Suda51).
:cell: Favorite Game Developers/Company:
BioWare, Double Fine, Klei Entertainment, Naughty Dog, Nintendo, Supergiant Games, and TellTale Games.
:cell: Favorite Game Reviewers:
Adam Sessler, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, James Stanton (Jim Sterling), Jared "ProJared" Knabenbauer, and Jirard "Dragonrider" Khalil.
:cell: Favorite Game Voice Actors:
Troy Baker, Courtnee Draper, Ashley Johnson, Jennifer Hale, Mark Hamill, Michael Mando, Charles Martinet, Nolan North, Ellen McLain, and Aaron Stanton.

:prism: Honorable Mentions:
Animal Crossing Series, Bayonetta Series, Luigi's Mansion (GC), Megaman III, Shovel Knight, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), Pokemon Yellow & Crystal (NGB), Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, and Scribblenauts.

:med: Note: The lists above are purely that of my own opinion and should not in any way affect any one's favorites nor am I belittling games that have not been listed. Either I have yet to play it, I personally did not enjoy it, or maybe another factor played a role thus leading to it's absence on said lists. I try to be open-minded and do solumnly swear that I attempt to understand multiple point of views and/or enjoy it as much as possible before seriously considering it to be one of my favorites (not just in games but everything in general). Thank you for understanding in advance.

:wasted: Favorite Bands/Composers/Conductors/Musicians/:
Chet Baker, Daft Punk, Sammy Davis Jr., Deadmau5, Bill Evans, KISS, Nujabes, Pentatonix, Post Modern Jukebox, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Tony Bennett, Éric Alfred Leslie Satie, Sonny Rollins, Frank Sinatra, and Vintage Trouble.

:woodlehappy: Ending(): If you read this far then I thank you for taking the time, you have my gratitude. Take care and see you in the virtual world. (last updated 02/02/2015/01/19/2016).

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