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My Top 3 Bands Ever:
Green Day , A Day To Remember and Senses Fail

Music Genres:
Post-Hardcore, Hardcore, Black Metal, Metalcore, Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Ska Punk and Emo

Most Played Song On My iTunes (245 plays and counting)
Reinventing Your Exit by Underoath

Avenged Sevenfold / Deftones / Ghost BC October 13, 2013
Underoath / Caspian April 8, 2016
Blink 182 / A Day To Remember / All Time Low (ew) August 31, 2016
Senses Fail / Counterparts / Movements / Like Pacific March 25, 2017
Green Day / Against Me! March 27, 2017
Senses Fail / Reggie & The Full Effect / Have Mercy / Household March 14, 2018
Senses Fail / Hot Mulligan / Yours Truly October 4, 2019

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"Lawn = Life" - Gabe The Shambler circa 2k15
"I have tapioca in my eye" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"It's like a cow's dick" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"Butthole's are built-in pockets" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"Nazi Germany was a cool place to hang out" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I got pumpernickel in my eye" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"What about your ass Brandon?" - Gabe The Shambler circa 2k15
"I like lifting up my shirt and exposing my milky titties" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"There's a black cop over there! It's not racist!" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15"
"I love dom" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"Really wet tapioca" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I'm Ray Rice" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"Sneaky Asian people sneaking around my backyard touching my petunias!" - Devin circa 2k15
"My crotch feels wet, like I just pissed myself" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"Wanna see my throbbing cock with a dick ring?" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"What are you laughing at? Austin's dumbass face!" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I'm gonna Anne Frank it out" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I wanna see banging, when is the banging gonna happen?" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"Rim me! Rim me!" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"Look at the size of this girl's mouth!" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"I'll salt the banana then stick it in your eye" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"It's good but not jiggle jiggle juicy juice" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"What am I gonna go around the city wearing a one piece?" - Tony "ISIS" circa 2k15
"Femur OP" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I got cheese whiz on my ass" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I'm all about that beach life" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"What if I wanna breath? Do I need a safe word?" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"Prostate = spooky spot" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"Can't trust them yeast stuffing bitches" - Austin "Black Sack" circa 2k15
"Devin's first with a cucumber" - Gabe "The Shambler" circa 2k15
"I play water polo in the back of my car" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"It's mini me from Jackass" - Gabe The Shambler circa 2k15
"What's the diameter of the funnel?" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"Fuck off don't touch my head" - Devin "Skeeter" circa 2k15
"I'm gonna wear a one piece when playing One Piece" - Devin
"Damn it I clicked the butthole tattoo again!" - Devin
"It looks like she got smushed in a box" - Devin
"I need to be friends with J.Law cause she's a chill person" - Austin
"Is click the dog?" - Gabe
"Will bang for chemo" - Austin
"Austin graduated top of his tiny dick class" - Devin
"I'm hung like a toddler" - Austin
"Was yesterday Monday?" - Devin
"Austin is hung like a giraffes snout" - Devin
"Oh wow that things kawaii, what? it's about to eat us!" - Gabe
"Sometimes I crave root beer, but I'm not a root beer fan y'know?" - Devin
"When I blink my eye feels cold" - Devin
"Have you ever seen a brown person?" - Gabe
"Looks like a small person, maybe a little boy" - Austin
"Raping is the average sex over there" - Austin
"I identify as a brat tamer" - Gabe
"I'm gonna pour salad dressing down my urethra" - Devin
"It's gotta be sad, like I wanna kill myself y'know?" - Devin
"I'm a black boy come on!" - Devin
"I'm like the fucking tin man from Lord Of The Rings!" - Devin
"Can't he live with one liver?" - Devin
"I'm gonna catch Tony with his tits out" - Devin
"RIP Lamar Odom, best rapper 2k15" - Devin
"Do you ever sneeze on your arm and it smells like shit" - Devin
"I wish I could cum swap with Steve y'know" - Devin
"Balls with benefits" - Devin
"I row my boat like I row your mom" - Devin
"How to catch a predator: bait and tackle edition" - Devin
"I bet you love cummies in your faggot butthole" - Devin
"I'm not one of your sis boi's" - Devin
"I'm gonna sag bag you to California" - Devin
"You ever just get sore armpits?" - Devin
"The 3 is silent" - Austin
"Full metal asshole" - Austin
"John Travolta's big dick" - Devin
"One time I spit in Devin's ass then came in his eye" - Gabe
"Steve's gonna use him so good!" - Devin
"Geez, don't you know I'm a femboi!" - Austin
"I like home made porn" - Austin
"It sucks I have a tiny dick" - Austin
"I'd so be into gang bangs for her" - Austin
"I'd so take a spooky demon for that pussy" - Austin
"Shaquille O'Dick" - Austin
"I just want her to beat me" - Austin
"Marmaduke in my marmahole" - Devin
I'm clever like corn" - Devin
"Can't hit a guy with a glass head!" - Austin
"Peter Parker and the cock demon" - Devin
"I just wanna get in a fatal car accident" - Austin
"I want to fucking die" - Austin
"Then you gotta burn her clit with a lighter" - Austin
"Tony is the cock piranha" - Devin
"Noose me, noose me!" - Devin
"Look at that little Polish boy, he's ready for that cock" - Austin
"So it's ok to beat people in a gimp suit?" - Austin
"Are you the alpha male?" - Austin
"Once he bends over he unleashes the winds of 1000 sand dunes" - Austin
"If I was this invader I'd walk around without pants and my dick out" - Austin
"I'm looking up, now what?" - Austin
"Ready for the pinky in the pooper?!" - Austin
"Tony and the T-Rex cock cam" - Devin
"You look like you'd like mayonnaise" - Devin
"Danny Devito and his doom dick" - Devin
"Fuck with me, fuck with Jesus" - Devin
"I wish I had a vagina so you could finger me" - Austin
"I'm a big beefy pervert" - Austin
"I'm only gay ironically" - Austin
"We should all start vaping" - Devin
"I want a surgery to look like Snoopy" - Austin
"My dick hurts.... FROM SLAMMING IT ON THE GROUND" - Devin
"Tony has a bangin body" - Devin
"You wine gum eating faggot" - Austin
"I wish Ariana Grande did porn" - Austin
"I'm bringing out my inner Snoopy" - Austin
"Trying to help him with his droopy snoopy" - Gabe
"I have really dry ears" - Devin
"She's challenging me to a beef off" - Austin
"I bet he has thin poops" - Austin
"It's a less gay way of exploring bi" - Austin
"We all have to gang up on Tony and knock the shit outta him" - Devin
"My toe nails got caught on the rim of the tub" - Devin
"I'm crab kin" - Austin
"Devin I want to fuck you under the moon light" - Austin
"Do you ever wanna randomly bite stuff" - Devin
"Hell yeah, I'd fuck ears all day!" - Austin
"If she had a dick I'd blow her" - Austin
"Gay doesn't have no limits" - Austin
"I like to spit on my dick" - Austin
"Do you ever pull on your toe nails and your fingers smell bad?" - Devin
"I had a condom on and I tried to fuck stuff" - Austin
"My teeth are in the bucket!" - Devin
"I can't see out of my eyes, no one gave me permission" - Devin
"I wanna fly around and see naked chicks - Austin
"I had a panic cum" - Austin
"Papa smurf cum in my eye!" - Austin
"I have over 200 confirmed blowjobs" - Austin
"Austin needs an abortmy" - Devin
"Go back to wal mart with your capri shorts" - Devin
"I only play WoW now, fuck my wife!" - Devin
"I feel like my head is shape shifting" - Austin
"Duck Duck Go" - Austin
"Tony is a squirtter!" - Devin
"It's to see if Tony released his seed" - Devin
"Austin's dick is dry like a weeping willow" - Devin
"You wish you could plow my teen ass" - Devin
"Tony is like Medusa, you look at his ass and you turn to stone!" - Devin
"I wish I had a clit above my dick so I could play with it too" - Austin
"I like watching a little person get fucked" - Austin
"I could not pull off transexual" - Austin
"I'm gonna buy Tony some lulu lemons" - Devin
"I want a glow in the dark girlfriend" - Austin
"I look cute with pig tails" - Austin
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