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Hello, I'm a gamer into Garry's mod roleplaying games and I develop vehicle skins/textures on the game.

If you would like to add me as a friend, please comment the reason for adding me and I will probably accept you. If I've not seen you at least once in my life before and you don't comment on my profile, I will deny you.

Stuff I do on Garry's mod:

I was a staff member on a community called NXGaming which later shut down.

I have been a staff member for a community called GamingLight.

I make cheap vehicle Skins such as the ones in my showcase.

I can make other graphical designs if requested.
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[h1] Happy 4th July!
HL2 Pistol Reskin - American Flag [/h1]

This is an Addon containing a Super Awesome Reskin of the default HL2 Pistol, made for 4th July 2020 with the extreme patriotism flag gun

This took a while to make so I appreciate all l
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