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My stance on the current madness in the gaming world

I have a Zero tolerance to game developers/publishers pandering to SJW demands, Also I'm having the same Zero tolerance to Epic game store's business practices, which unfortunately will affect the devs/publishers who sell out to Epic store.

For me this means, as soon as I hear any of these things I will put that dev/pub on Ignore list and my "do not promote/buy/sell/affiliate/anything" with list.

I recommend anyone who have had enough of EGS and their culprits practices to follow this Curator [store.steampowered.com] (List of games gone EGS exclusive to be found there and more)
I'm a game collector and gamer, starting to get old so a little bit more busy nowdays :)

While I've given away loads of games for free by free will, I'm not very found of begging. So if you add me and asking for games I will simply instantly block you without asking questions first.

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I will update this review as I have barely started. I was just reading some reviews about people saying it's a Survival game and this and that. I personally haven't looked into it that much, but I haven't seen the word "Survival" anywhere where I've read stuff about this game. It's an action/Adventure game in an open world. Non Apocalyptic/semi Apocalyptic. The whole world is not in ruins thus making "finding stuff everywhere" isn't really that bad. And while Sweden does have a lot of gun laws/restrictions, We still have a whole lot of weapons/guns in normal core non-PC/Feminist/Vegan homes. Don't have the exact numbers of legally owned weapons here in front of me but it's still a lot. And it makes sense these are "lying about" when we've been attacked and the people who owned them are gone/dead.

Although, since it's a Swedish game, made by swedes It's obvious they've been infected by the Politically correct / Diversity disease. Now I'm not going to complain too much about this, I don't like it when games developers take a political stance and I don't really care if you can play black, white, chinese and whatever in any game unless I want it to feel realistic. Ie. I wouldn't want to be able to play a black or white dude as a Samurai in a Japanese Historically based game if it's developed to be a historical game.

So with that in mind, I'm 39 years old, I grew up moving around in the country and went to 7 different schools from the age of 6 until ~17, totally 6 different Citties/Towns near/outside "Big" citties. I've seen how Sweden looked like back in the 80's
We basically had no black people in Sweden by then, certainly not in small towns/out in nowhere. We did have a bunch of South american migrants, European migrants and Asian migrants. But actual black migrants where more or less non existent. I think I only knew (was friends with) 1 who was of African decent but migrated from New zealand, He was a cpl years older then everyone in my class I was in 3rd grade I think. He was like a UFO to everyone, no one had even seen a black person in real life, this was in Eskilstuna (one of Swedens top 6 largest cities I think) Our friendship ended about a year later though, as he started molesting the girls in our class and he got into trouble which ended with the parents moving.

Again, I wasn't going to complain, I have yet to enjoy this game (hope I will because I've been having my eyes on it for some time) And to play a game taking place IN SWEDEN! wow, I've wanted that for a long time.

It was all just a cpl of Hmmz, and Buts I wanted to add to the review flow.

Will edit this review/add stuff about the actual game after playing it for some time.

P.S. So far I'll put a vote up (recommend this) As I don't want to not recommend it when I don't know how it is yet.



First edit/addon I think is of an urgent type. I don't like playing FPS games with Gamepad, but I do have a wireless xbox 360 gamepad connected. I first started the game when the gamepad was turned on, and realized I could not use the mouse at all other then in the menues (buttons still don't work though) I had to use the gamepad.

So I quit the game, turned off the gamepad and started the game again, It still registers as Me having a gamepad. There's no setting to turn this off as what I can find. So do I need to completely unplug my gamepad to play this game with mouse, hmmz?

*Edit #2* Just read their last update, and it was a known problem with a workaround, gonna try that :)
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You are by far the biggest fa.ggot ive seen on steam
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Nine Breaker Aug 30, 2019 @ 2:14am 
I really appreciate your world view and your thoughts. One of the most honest people in this crazy world of PC and Social Justice. Moved here, bcause getting banned on GRIP discussions is now very real i think. Great to see fellow sane man ! Greetings from Latvia/Russia.