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Yuh yuh, don't add me cause you want to ♥♥♥♥ talk, I will just add it to my collection
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Rexhammer Jun 12 @ 1:21pm 
signed by me :) lets play csgo
UnatMar Oct 21, 2021 @ 4:03pm 
Yeah my connection at campus is really ♥♥♥♥ sometimes
UnatMar Oct 21, 2021 @ 4:03pm 
GGs to ya too brah
Linus Mudrocket Oct 21, 2021 @ 1:25pm 
gg shame the connection was a bit hit or miss.
Ciao Kahn Oct 21, 2021 @ 11:33am 
yeah well thanks for the explanation. it was probably the lag. we'll see if we meet again :) anyway thanks for the talk. it definitely paints you a LOT less like the ahole i thought u'd be. my apologies for the (too quick) judgement.
UnatMar Oct 20, 2021 @ 8:39pm 
Bruh Enhanced Locked and Loaded is BF4, my second variation uses the command grab? Not to mention I don't spam F4 and BF3 like most erron black mains