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Well, great. Now I can't play Fallout AGAIN because F4SE is out-of-date, all thanks to Creation Club. It's been 2 years without micro-transactions. Why the H would we need it now? We've done just fine without it so far. Sure, we aren't forced to pay for it (considering the quality of mods on CC, why would you?) but it creates issues for those (probably 99% of the player-base) who play with free mods.

However, I do recommend this game because Creation Club is only a tiny part of the entire experience. Mods took this game from good to great because on its own it wasn't even close to being a contender for GOTY 2015, that's for sure.
Posted September 23, 2017.
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If you haven't played this game, here's your mandatory spoiler warning!

I was looking forward to this game since I loved the first one. Sadly, it's quite lack-luster in comparison.

First off, the writing is mediocre at best. Secondly, the main missions are essentially just "go here, do this hacking puzzle. Rinse and repeat", which gets irritating and boring quite quickly. Also, that Burning Man spoof was 100% pointless and served no purpose to the story whatsoever.

When it comes to Marcus there's no depth to the main character (or the side characters for that matter) and it feels like he's only in this situation because "I hack stuff herp-derp!". His only motivation seems to be this Snowden/Anonymous "NSA is spying on me, boo-hoo" hacktivist mentality portrayed in a very 2-dimensional way. "I WANT TO BE A HACKER AND STUFF!" Yeah, right...

At least Aiden Pierce was out to avenge the death of his family and Blume/ctOS was just another hurdle to get over in order for him to get justice. There was a sense of story progression in Watch_Dogs and the missions were varied, something that lacked in this game. The only feeling of progression - if any - came in the cutscenes and that's imply not enough to engage me as a player.

Oh yeah, and Marcus is black in case you didn't notice.

But seriously, we get it. We got it from the trailers, and we got it the first five times race is mentioned for no apparent reason in the game dialogues (they even get a car to seem racist, believe it or not). It's 2016. Stop acting like it's 1956. Having a black protagonist isn't a big deal anymore, just like having a gay or female protagonist isn't a big deal. People couldn't care less.

Speaking of trailers, remember this whole "rooftops of San Franscisco" deal that was supposed to be a thing? Nope. No more rooftop gameplay than in the first game. Not even the parkour stuff were very prominent. I think I saw Marcus do parkour moves accidentally about 10 times during an entire playthrough. Was this even supposed to be a thing? Because as far as I could see it was completely pointless to even mention it and one of the side characters actually makes kind of a big deal out of it in one of the side missions.

T-Bone. The infamous Raymond Kenney. This seemed more like fan-service to me than anything else. There was quite an interesting power struggle thing happening within the DedSec group that just amounted to nothing and disappeared just as quickly as it popped up. Not much to say about that, really.

All-in-all, this game was much less than I had hoped for. Continuing the Aiden Pierce story would probably have been the best way to go since there was a solid foundation to build on. This game is half of what Watch_Dogs was, if that. It probably ranks on my top 5 of the biggest gaming disappointments of 2016.
Posted December 31, 2016.
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I'm not gonna go on about performance issues (because I had extremely few of them) and I'm not gonna go on about precious elitist SLI support (because honestly, who really cares?). I am however gonna mention the extremely short main story and the serious lack of content in this game.

I've played through the entire game and it's WAY too short. Why create a vast open world then have absolutely nothing in it but a few main quests? Just Cause 2 felt like it was 5 times bigger! There's absolutely nothing to do after you finish the main story line. Sure, I could do a about a hundred arbitrary repetitive challenges but where's the fun in that? They're all the same. I don't think it's too much to ask that a game like this would be filled to the brim with side quests or multiple story lines/factions like in JC2.

I think I wasted my money to be honest. Unless there's a huge cheap DLC for this within the year, this review is not gonna change.
Posted February 2, 2016.
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For those of you who don't want to read a proper review, here's a summary:

- I found extremely few bugs.
- The game runs smoothly enough. FPS dips from 75 down to 45 occurs from time to time.
- The game is TRULY frightening at night.
- If you do as many of the side missions as you can, you'll get great gameplay value for your buck.
- I gave this game a 10/10.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First off, a thank you to Techland.

I'm a gamer who never falls for the trailer hype. Ever. Why? Because they're made to sell the game. Wait! Before you say "well duh, of course it's made to sell the game", just let me explain... Even the worst game ever made can have a badass trailer. It doesn't matter how big of a turd a game is, it can still look like the shiniest diamond with the help of a good trailer.

This is why I decided that before I bought this game I should probably check out some game play footage. This is where I throw out a HUGE thank you to Techland/WB for deciding to give select Youtubers exclusive access to this game before release. It really payed off for me, and probably for Techland as well.

On to the review!

I loved Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide (again, because I didn't fall for the trailer hype), and one of my favorite games of all time is Mirror's Edge. Therefore this game fits me like a glove. It has the braindead slaughter of zombies plus awesome free-running all wrapped up in a stunningly beautiful package.

Sufficed to say, this is a pretty solid game. However, not without its flaws and optimization was one of very few. My FPS dips to 45 at certain points, but most of the time it's a solid 75-ish. Good thing I'm not an obsessed performance freak, or I would've found that annoying and ripped this game a new a-hole just based on that. Yeah... I'm looking at you, fools. You know who you are.


I think Techland did the right thing when they decided to make this game (which was obviously meant to be Dead Island 2) and dump the semi-bad reputation of Dead Island in someone else's lap. It has the exact same mechanics of Dead Island and it plays exactly like a Dead Island game. Now this is not something bad. On the contrary. Techland learned from their mistakes with Dead Island - and obviously wanted to start over with a fresh franchise and thus a better reputation - and they managed to fix everything that was wrong with the Dead Island games.

I only experienced two bugs in the first 30 hours of playing the game; one where a zombie clipped through the hood of a car (happened 3 times) and me falling through the world when climbing a com tower (happened once and never again). That is not bad at all by any video game standard.

The crafting system is exactly the same as in Dead Island with one exception: you can't upgrade guns. This is neither a good nor bad thing. They are guns. Shoot a zombie in the head and it'll die wether you do 500 extra electrocute damage to it or not. Gun modifications could have been helpful when trying to take down some of the bigger brutes in the game, but it's not a big deal since you can avoid 99.9% of them anyway. Dying Light is not a gun-heavy game and you will not miss these upgrades.

I have one main rule when it comes to buying games; get roughly 1 hour of gameplay per euro payed. If you are like me you will not be disappointed. Granted I did get my game cheaper than on Steam at another retailer, so I was quite happy since it has already pretty much payed off, with me having played just about 50% of the main story in almost 31 hours.

And no in-game shop for micro-transactions! Thank you!

I've been thinking hard about the negative aspects of this game and I can't really think of anything. I haven't experienced anything bad or game breaking at all. The climbing is solid as a rock - no Assassin's Creed BS where your character jumps opposite of where you wanted him to go half the time - and the game's mechanics work well. The skill trees are helpful and actually do make the game a tiny bit easier for you, but not so easy as to you just running through the game without even trying. It really feels as if Crane has become more skilled at what he does and it's the perfect feeling for a game like this. The skills do exactly what they should. You are not a god, you are just a man who, as time goes by, learns how to take care of himself in a zombie infested world.

And of course, night missions are scary as hell. +1!

This game gets a solid 10 out of 10 from me. It's a breath of fresh air in an otherwise over-saturated market filled to the brim with rehashes, micro-transactions and badly optimized games with huge day one patches. Thank you, Techland. You did extremely well.
Posted January 30, 2015. Last edited February 1, 2015.
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The first week of playing this game I had 90 hours played total so I enjoyed it for what it was but it's not a properly worthy sequel to Borderlands 2. I know that Gearbox wanted to make this as a filler game to fill in gaps and questions fans had about the events that lead up to Handsome Jack's takeover of Hyperion, especially for people who've played both Borderlands 1 and 2, and it shows. This is just here to hold you over until Borderlands 3 comes out.

Some people complain that this is just Borderlands 2 in space and they're essentially right. However, I don't see that as a negative thing since I loved Borderlands 2 (I have approx. 400 hours into that game). I expected it to be nothing else actually. It's a Borderlands game. It should look like a Borderlands game and it should play like a Borderlands game, and it pulls that off perfectly. When you go back to BL2 after playing this game you actually realize how much you miss the butt slams and the Oz kit boost ability.

Now, the main problem I had with this game is that it felt way too short in comparison to BL2, especially for a game priced as a triple-A full length title. The main quest line felt too lackluster. Again, it's good for what it is but it wasn't worth €50. If it had been priced at €35-40 I could see it being a more resonable price for this game.

Another thing I didn't like about this game was that there was WAY too much dialogue where it didn't need any. I'm gonna quote TotalBicuit here and say that "it's the game that likes to hear itself talk". It can become a bit annoying here and there and the plot points they're trying to get across to the player could either be left out completely or just be explained in a much simpler manner that didn't need 2 minutes of NPC dialogue.

All in all it's a good game with minor flaws and I recommend you buy this when it's on sale.
Posted December 26, 2014.
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