How's the Respawn Room?
How's the respawn room?   United States
Mate, I'm just better.


I am a Team Fortress 2 Sniper Main (I'm at the stage where I'm edgy and shit at the same time, but I don't use the Anger. Doublecross-Comm and Bill's Hat owo)

Anyway, I am also a Scoutsman in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, my favorite weapons obviously being the Scout (even though it is clearly a Steyr SSG 08 and not a Steyr Scout smh) and the P250.

Even after maining Medic for a long time and having over 1.6k hours in Team Fortress 2, I am still experimenting with mains. I have mained almost every class at least once, Scout, Soldier, Demo, Heavy, Engi, Medic ( the longest I could manage to hold a main for) and now, Sniper. Wish me luck.

gl, hf.
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Gram Jul 19 @ 9:10pm 
yaw yeet
Frost Jul 16 @ 9:58am 
Fun guy to mess around on 2fort with
Professor Finesser Jul 11 @ 7:17pm 
+rep non-toxic player
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+rep best medic main and chill dude
Lila B> backpacks Jun 24 @ 8:55am 
Hi Connor