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Don't make me vore you   Michigan, United States
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Trades Don't send a friend request for trades

I'm good at demo, I can play any class though.

My other accounts
PSN: Semlohdet (I barely play the console)
3ds is broke rn trying to fix it for pokemon and other stuff
Snapchat: Uberallesxd
Reddit: lolwatchthisvevo
Epic Games: Furry Habib

Comp stuff:sticky:

Current teams
Ectogenisis (Ultiduo Soldier)
High Rise (Silver 4s Demo)
Purple Air Pods (Silver 6s Demo)
Purple Air Pods (RGL 6s Demo)
Fur Frag in the Bag (Div 2 NA PL Demo)
Suck My Kiss (RGL HL Main Heavy S3)
UGC page
Recharge Gaming
MLG page

Comp modes I prefer: 6v6 and 7v7

My comp experience

Lamperland 1-0 (steel) Idk I forgot this team
Cat Marrows Bitches 3-5 (steel)
Despacito desperados 4-1 (hydro tf s1)
Sifety 9-1 (RGL open s1 2nd place)
Pizza Time 3-5 (RGL s2 IM)

Axe Shredders 5-3 (open 2nd place)
Furaffinity 1-2 (ametuer FMPC 4th place)
Pound Town 4-1 (Prolander One Day Cup 3rd place in Div 4) won 7 keys
Sauerkraut 3-4 (Div 2) I didn't have a team for 3 weeks which is omega yikes
Pound Town 2-2 (Prolander One Day Cup 3rd place in Div 3) won 7 keys

Skretti bois 3-2 (steel)
UwU bulge not found 5-3 (silver didn't make playoffs because of us forfeiting twice)
Shadows 4-4 (steel)
Fail Safe 3-3 (esea open killed team cause everyone lost interest)
MadLads 4-3 (platinum)

Doki Doki Dabbed on (kicked off team for bming teammate)

Fur Affinity 2 Ultiduo 3-2 (Fresh Meat Ultiduo Cup I fell asleep during the tourney and got my team kicked out of playoffs.)
Big Pee Pee Homies United 2-2 (Fresh Meat Ultiduo Cup)

Fortnite Solos
251st place summer 2018

UGC Is shit
Other stuff

My config

I play guitar, bass and drums.

I've been on steam for 5 years but I changed to this account for personal reasons.
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luka Mar 13 @ 5:04pm 
I am organizing a national Jah walkout day on April 14th. At 12:40 pm all Jahseh supporters are recommended to walkout of their schools and workplaces and have 5 minutes of silence in honor of Jahseh. After this please re-enter your school/workplace and continue on with your day. I hope to see some of you supporting Jahseh. Thank you all.
succ me fast Mar 9 @ 1:11am 
hello gamer
Mayo Playing Wumbologist Mar 8 @ 11:26am 
Saw ur name and it made me laugh. Hi.:lunar2019piginablanket:
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thank you very helpful comment
❤ Blue ☆ Feb 12 @ 5:56pm 
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