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Bardbarian is a nice tower style RPG action defense type of game (if that is even a thing?!)


In Bardbarian you play as Brad who set's out to defend the precious towns Crystal (and protecting all the residents of the town) calling upon the help of various useful warriors, ninja's, medics etc that are all available for you to choose your own army.
The core mechanic of the game is basically a scrolling from left to right action fest where anything that moves or comes your way from the right you must use your own chosen small army to ensure they are taken out before they come anywhere near the town's crystal and inflict damage.
Bardbarian is a large game that has tonnes of replayability and XP grinding (that doesn't seem much of chore). It has a nice mechanic that keeps the game flowing along nicely allowing you to upgrade your arsenal of chosen Warriors after each fight is over!


Being an Indie game it is sometimes hit and miss with what graphics can be on offer but I personally found the overall 'sheen' and 'quality' to be of a very high standard.
The music seems to suit the game well, I liked the touch of the little guitar 'licks' each time you engaged Brad to summon a warrior or power. I accidently left the title screen music playing for about 30 mins on once occasion and it didn't grate on me either which is definitely not a bad thing.


+ Pleasing high-quality graphics and production.
+ A Casual game but still has that 'one more game before I turn it off.. appeal!'.
+ Wide arrays of characters for your arsenal of good guys.
+ Extra game modes to play alongside the main campaign.

- Took a long time to figure out the correct (and best) upgrade paths for your team.
- Can have a frustrating one hit death to your main character Brad at the most inconvenient times.

Final/Personal Thoughts

Bardbarian is a high-quality Indie title that I personally enjoyed playing through, yes it can be frustrating at times but as soon as you have put some time and effort into the game it will reward you with revisiting the same levels but the game being a lot easier to conquer (having a team with fully upgraded warriors!).
Recommended purchase if on sale or part of a bundle!

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