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Turmoil.Trade - Information
Turmoil.Trade [turmoil.trade]
Tor Mirror [turmoiltrsfxoztv.onion]

Commons: 16
Rares: 10
Foil: 5
Cardless games: 21
Card games: 16

TODO list in order ^^
-Fix Keys & Allow selling "only" 7k lost -.-'
-Finish up the bot's first stage
-Finish up the turmoil trade website
-Finish up the group & profile
-Finish up the first stage of the steam supply website
-Finish up the group & profile
-Make the hourbooster
-Make various scripts for farmers ^^
-Chill for once since July...
-Make stage 2 of the bot ^^

Motivation as wet as my gf's pussy ^^ <3
So wet its like we been @ sea for 2 years with our solr privacyorbs ^^

For support contact on telegram [t.me]
No discrimination or perjury around here <3 hmu if there is any issues <3

Karma comes right back around and you'll get what you did to me
gimmie my shit back you perjury discriminating corrupt swines
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Turmoil.Trade & Steam.Supply
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