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I play TF2 and CS:GO sometimes. If you wanna add me for whatever reason be sure to let me know why, thanks
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cokain Aug 17 @ 8:55pm 
♥♥♥♥ing retard lol
Tuna43 Aug 17 @ 5:30am 
I just realized this was my own profile I posted this on
Tuna43 Aug 17 @ 5:29am 
all right fellas. After a few days of thinking I've come to the conclusion that a kelp farm and small wood farm, or just replanting saplings, is the ideal structure for fuel and lighting in replace of coal.

First off, there's the dried kelp and its blocks. Dried kelp blocks can smelt 1/5 of a lava bucket, so you only need five to match the highest power fuel source. And it beats out lava in storage space, given that you can stack 64, rather than requiring a new storage slot for each item. Not to mention that you'd otherwise need to keep the buckets as 'trash.' And some kelp farms are so powerful they crash servers! That's a lotta kelp.
And finally for the wood, which you can smelt using kelp, to make charcoal. And honestly charcoal's just weirder looking coal, but that won't matter if you craft it into torches, because what kelp can't do is make torches.
cokain Aug 7 @ 12:41pm 
cmon big daddy ill give u my niger fart ;w;; uwu 0w0
Lemonade Aug 7 @ 12:04pm 
cokain Aug 7 @ 11:52am 
hey papi can i add u ?