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Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada
Ron entered with a stern expression, already harder than the Washington monument. He held me close in his strong libertarian arms and whispered in my ear "im gonna show you the american dream". he tore off my pants suite and entered faster than the u.s. entered Iraq. He stormed my capitol city and set up his own provincial government. He pulled himself out and began to drag his Liberty Bells all up and down my body and i couldn't help but moan "ooh Ronny". he took his pillar of freedom and forced it inside of me i couldnt help but to screech like a bald eagle and my noises only seemed to enthrall him more. he moved faster and faster and then he began to sing "ooh say can you see" with a grunt "by the dawns Early light, what so proudly we hailed" and with that the "american dream slowed to a stop" and his Freedom juice was expunged inside of me. without a word he got up and left, i asked "will i see you again?". He turned and looked at me and said "2016 Primaries". and with that he was gone
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In an unprecedented act of cooperation a pair of rival businesses combined their resources to construct a patrol frigate. Unsuprisingly, this cooperative effort fell apart long before they ever completed it.

Over the years the respective industries have
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