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Reading bad "quotes" from random people online will probably make you cringe

A sweet lie is worse than a horrible truth

Everything is magic to the one who doesn't understand

Humanities greatest achievement is being able to be the most intelligent and at the same time the most stupid species on planet earth

Sometimes we think we see the road ahead, but in truth we are just looking into a mirror.

Bad-/ luck is nothing magical. It's simply the word we use for a repeating negative/positive outcome out of situations where both bad and good ones are possible. Most of the time that refers to situations where the repeating outcome is rather unlikely.

What purpose does reality serve if everyone wants to forget it exists?

It's stupid to say that people shouldn't lie. In fact, lies like "A true meaning in life", "Hell" and "True love" are the only things that keep most of us going.

Life doesn't play by the rules, so why should we?

Who you are and how you act are two very different things.

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