Metal Dragon
The name is Please... Bitch Please!   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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V V Fun Facts! Please read if you want to add me V V
1. I can't sleep much, 'cause sleep is the cousin of Death :csgob:
2. I am not dating anyone at the moment. :hp_jessie:
3. I love all Adult Swim shows, ATHF, Robot Chicken, Space Ghost ETC.:coinface:
4. I like Metal rock, but that's not the reason I'm Metal Dragon. :2015coal:
5. I'm am teh Pwnage bitches! (Bonus points for getting the reference) :EXPLODARAMA:
6. I would take LSD over weed any day! :bandit:
7. I'm dancing with myself! (If you know what I mean) :ghlol:
8. I look like a mix of Jim Morrison and Slash :SilverOrb:
9. Steven Universe is cancer, and so is it's fan base! :csgohelmet:
10. I liked Lolis, I've since then changed my crooked soul. :clementineelf:
11. It's my Dick in a :box:!!
12. I'm working on a web cartoon called Corn Chips :avgn:
13. I will not add anyone below Level 10 unless I add you first :trazz:
14. You must leave a comment for your reason of adding :mountGoat:
15. I'm a dude, so fuck off you horning 16 year old little kid... :SBpanda:
16. I will not add you if you're profile is private, you're not cool. :lilguppy:
17. Today was a :gmod:ood day.
18. I always need a beer :csgoanarchist:
19. My frist kiss was at a concert, guess which band. :8bitheart:
20. I will be more then happy to play Terraria with you :terraria:
21. I'm the best Metal Dragon out there! So fuck those other chumps :steammocking:
22. Most of the time, I'm outside... :steamsad:
23. FNaF is a piece of shit, and if you like it then fuck you! :Burn:
24. If you want to win my love, gift me Nuclear Throne :falkwreath:
25. Sorry, I will not add anyone with a VAC ban. :therival:
26. Don't be a fagg0t :2016skull:
27. Pepsi Man is my favorite super hero! :2016trophy:
28. My Twitter is @JoshTeeM, please give it a follow! :bbtduckshark:
29. My super power is to grow weed for hair :triquetra:
30. My gamertag on XBL is Predat0r101, add me! :needler:
31. If you're SJW/feminist, then turn around bitch 'cause I got a use for you. :alyx:
32. If you like Undertale, that's cool w/ me, but if you roleplay as a character, just fuck off. :toriel:
33. My name is Metal Dragon 'cause I'm a dragon on the Chinese Zodiac :zombieskull:
34. Beastie Boys are my niggas! R.I.P. MCA :penny:
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Fuck away off
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Please God, fix my computer.
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All my emotes as of now. :avgn: :bbtduckshark: :houndeye: :lilguppy: :therival: :wrynscared: :bulkify: :bandit: :8bitheart: :csgoanarchist: :csgob: :csgohelmet: :SilverOrb: :tongue_eol: :ghlol: :box: :gmod: :physgun: :domino: :alyx: :needler: :cfacepalm: :trazz: :clementineelf: :2015coal: :2015holly: :Burn: :hcs_zoey: :hp_jessie: :health: :triquetra: :coinface: :mountGoat: :zombieskull: :odoc: :EXPLODARAMA: :Pizza: :postalsax: :ppblue: :Dogen: :shovelknight: :SBpanda: :2017stickycrab: :2016skull: :beatmeat: :terraria: :zombiehead: :penny: :falkwreath: :2016imnotcrying: :2016trophy: :2016whoadude: :2017cat: :2017eyeball: :2017tp: :Kenny: :toriel:
Metal Dragon Dec 27, 2017 @ 9:44pm 
Rest in Peace, Andrew.
Metal Dragon Jul 7, 2017 @ 7:20am 
Miss Feb 24, 2017 @ 3:43pm 
Please ignore my friend request ignoring, I didn't want to ignore you.