Trouser Snivy
Gabriel, but Cassy is also fine   Russian Federation
Jump Academy's official beggar's bazooka teacher. I don't mind teaching requests at all, as long as you're willing to learn.
I like snakes :snake::e_snake::TheSnake:

Not able to practice on TF2 anymore due to unstable living situations, but if you want to play MGE or something not too serious, just ask
Most of my items are gifts

Picture by Rye because he is :awesome: (the other one, this one's temporary)

I bet Rye an entire key that he wouldn't sit there and kill me in No Splash with just the scout shove. I am now one key poorer.

moddy: why are all furries and steam artists rich and have insanely high leveled profiles
moddy: they also have really drawn out info boxes
Trouser Snivy: Because they think they're important

If I've ever given the implication that I think I'm above my own skill level, I'm sorry for your incompetence. However, if I've explicitly said so, I'm sorry for my own incompetence.
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paws Mar 18 @ 6:07pm 
jaz is a loser. change my mind
paws Mar 18 @ 6:07pm 
jax is a loser
paws Mar 5 @ 7:49pm 
bet u wont
paws Feb 23 @ 6:20pm 
can shoving eggs up ur♥♥♥♥♥cure headaches and can you try this (its for an experiment)
paws Feb 23 @ 11:14am 
beggars is inferior