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Krystel   Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
I really like cookies, I'm also very shy, and I have a hard time opening conversations. (There! I said it!)
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Currently having problems adding and removing people from friendslist, there is a ticket for this, but it'll take a while!
Also, because of this, some invites may be unanswered for quite a while! Please do not be offended!

{{Also, if you remove me please leave a comment as to why you are removing me.}}

I'm MtF transgender.
Don't like it? too bad.

I'm not a full furry, but I am into kittenplay, that means I like to be treated as a kitten, and if you want to be my friend, treat me as such aswell!

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But whips and chains excite me.
So throw me down,
Tie me up and show me that you like me~

Eat me, beat me, bite my bum, suck me, fuck me, make me cum.
Whip me, spank me, dont pull out, come on baby beat it out.
Happy, happy, joy, joy, I'm a kinky sex toy.
Bite me, spank me, make me bleed, kinky sex is all i need.

My Tumblr (NSFW) [thelewdcave.tumblr.com]
Ask me anything [ask.fm]
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Kirstencat May 5 @ 6:55pm 
Hey can you allow me in the transgender steam group? my request to join was denied.
Daisuki Kun/ Iverson jr Apr 25 @ 1:23am 
Just stfu aye waste your time on someone else faggot
Rippa Apr 10 @ 8:44am 
there are only 2 genders
Jade "Princess" Mew Mar 31 @ 6:08am 
Have a nice weekend! :momozzz: :GreenMagic:
King Shane M. Kelley|g2G Mar 23 @ 10:42am 
Dude can I please get my group back
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