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NOBLE & MIRANDA 4 hours ago 
Magic with Miranda
:embarrassedh: JACKPOT! I finally found a fire ant nest!
:angryu: ...said nobody ever
:embarrassedh: Let's reach in there and take all of their sweet sweet honey!
:smiling: I'm pretty sure fire ants don't make honey
:embarrassedh: You're so wrong
:angryu: Oh really? Show me then
:terrifiedh: Its so easy. I just reach in and ouch ouCH OUCH! Wendy, they bit me! Grrrrr!
:smiling: Of course they bit you, THEY'RE FIRE ANTS!
:terrifiedh: I'm not even mad about that. I'm mad that there's no more honey left because they ate it all.
:angryu: That's why you're mad? Because they ate it all? THEY DON'T MAKE HONEY!
:embarrassedh: They must pay for their greed!
:angryu: Wait, What?!
Dragon's Breath- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565867354
Boom Bringer- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565864871
NOBLE & MIRANDA Nov 13 @ 4:36pm 
Magic with Miranda: Fabled Friend Vanilla
:embarrassedh: Wendy look! Its a tiny little knight. Can we pet it?
:angryu: You're asking if we can pet a knight? NO!!
:embarrassedh: Whatevs, I'm petting it.
Hello tiny knight, I'm Miranda. Aww, you're so soft!
:vanilla3: Hi Miranda. My name is "remove your hand from my head", but you can call me "Vanilla of Valhalla"
:embarrassedh: You're tiny little sword is so cute! Can I hold it?
:lotdcsword::vanilla3: No
:embarrassedh: Please
:angryu: Miranda, that's a Valhalla knight's sword
:embarrassedh: So?
:angryu: That sword is enchanted with powerful magic that triggers once the sword has left it's owners hand
:embarrassedh: Haha, yeah right!
:vanilla3: HEY! Give that back!
:lotdcsword::embarrassedh: I'm not scared of some tiny...uh oh!
NOBLE & MIRANDA Nov 9 @ 6:14pm 
Magic with Miranda
:embarrassedh: Have you ever seen a Giraaafe?
:smiling: You mean a "Giraffe"?
:embarrassedh: No, a Giraaafe
:angryu: Why do you keep calling it that? It's not "Giraaafe", its "Giraffe"
:embarrassedh: I'm not talking about Giraffes, I'm talking about Giraaafes. There's a difference.
:angryu: NO MIRANDA, NO! There is NO difference because there is NO Giraaafe!
:embarrassedh: So what do you call a racing giraffe?
:angryu: A WHAT?!
:embarrassedh: You know, a Giraffe that runs in races. What do you call that?
:angryu: A fast running giraffe, thats what I call it
:embarrassedh: Well you're wrong
:angryu: Miranda, you're wasting my time. Why would I care about a "Giraaafe"?!
:embarrassedh: Because we now own one
:angryu: WHAT!!??
:embarrassedh: Relax Wendy, I made sure I bought the fastest one. See for yourself
NOBLE & MIRANDA Nov 7 @ 3:29pm 
Magic with Miranda: The "Fabled Friends" Series
So you've decided to join Miranda and Wendy on one of their many adventures, what's next?
Each week, 2 friends will be chosen at random. One for the current week's story, the other for the following week's story. This ensures that if you're chosen but unavailable, we can push your story back another week while someone else has their story told.
You'll receive a comment from me letting you know that your adventure is about to begin. Simply send me a message and we'll begin discussing the name & class of your character.
To keep things fair in terms of cost, I'll present you with a selection of potential emotes that I've found on the marketplace. The one you chose will be the one I purchase. Once your story is told, that emote will be yours to keep. Consider it a gift.
Let the "Fabled Friends" series begin!  :embarrassedh: AND YOU :smiling:
NOBLE & MIRANDA Nov 6 @ 4:07am 
Thanks buddy! BTW, loving how your Neptunia profile is coming along. Keep it up :tinder:
NOBLE & MIRANDA Nov 5 @ 11:34am 
Noble's Notes

Hello Ladies and Gents, it's your good buddy Noble. As always, I can't begin a Noble's Note without first thanking all of you for the support you've shown me so far. This series would've never been possible if we had never met. I may be the story teller, but each and every one of you are my story's world.

Going forward, I wish to pay back your kindness by picking random friends from my comment section to appear as characters in future stories. If you're picked, your Steam name will be used in a story along with an emote that illustrates your character. If this interests you, let me know in my comments.

See you soon :tinder:

P.S. My profile is slowly becoming 100% Yuri themed. If you love yuri as much as me, stop on by and say hi. I love meeting other yuri fans. If you're a fan, check out my yuri art below: