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On a tous un peu peur de l'amour, mais on a surtout peur de souffrir
ou de faire souffrir.
[One is always a little afraid of love, but above all, one is
afraid of pain or causing pain.]
Without love intelligence is dangerous;
without intelligence love is not enough.
-- Ashley Montagu
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is gharsley.
-- Ogden Nash

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
-- Pink Floyd

The street preacher looked so baffled
When I asked him why he dressed
With forty pounds of headlines
Stapled to his chest.
But he cursed me when I proved to him
I said, "Not even you can hide.
You see, you're just like me.
I hope you're satisfied."
-- Bob Dylan

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blacklink234 Aug 28 @ 12:57am 
Added cause the YouTube link 😂