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Alright Touhou has made it to steam and our lord and savior ZUN can finally get our money...

But let's be serious here and start the actual review:

As you may or may not know touhou games are known for their masterpiece like music, characters, story, references to eastern folk lore and difficulty so I will be listing how well touhou 16 does in being a main touhou game.

Story: Once again there is an incident and the heroines must figure out who is causing it and stop them which is the basic formula for all touhou stories.

Characters: You can play as 4 different characters and choose 4 different sub seasons with their own perks which makes this game excellent at giving options to play with. Some bosses are also very interesting with their abilities and importance to the overall story.

Music: I love most of the tracks in this game and all the tracks in the game are very good for touhou standards. I just feel like the Concealed Four Seasons is a pretty weak final boss theme but the extra stage one is absolutely amazing.

References: Pretty much all of the characters and places in this game have a reference to something so I will just let you figure those out by yourself.

Difficulty: Extra stage is too easy but stages 5 and 6 are extremely punishing on lunatic to make it a hard game.

Overall: It is a solid addition to the main touhou games list and is unique enough to stand on it's own.

Also if you don't know how to look for an english patch or setup your keybinds you are pretty bad at using a computer in general.

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