How long is forever?

Sometimes just one second

I'm never laying on my back because I feel like a turtle.

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Hey you...
Stop staring at me, it freaks me out...

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ModulFreak Mar 28 @ 12:24pm 
How do you know ? :2016whoadude:
ModulFreak Mar 28 @ 12:05pm 
send boob and vagene :ccknight:
birdо Mar 10 @ 8:04am 
boooi it's beacuse of all the boobpics you're sending jeez...
Amnesia Mar 10 @ 7:25am 
I need new haters, the old ones became my fans <3
ModulFreak Mar 10 @ 6:46am 
Cancer :wilbur:
WARofPOOP Jan 20 @ 12:02pm 
9999966999966699996699999 ctrl F and search 9 :3 enjoy