Louisiana, United States
Hi, I'm Tree :terraria:

Formerly (and still known by close friends as) Puma, but I prefer Tree or Treelos now.

I'm down to play pretty much any game, as long as it's with the right people. The only "singleplayer" games I normally play are RogueLite games, Well play to completion anyways. Although I have a nasty habit of playing games until I burnout, so i'm normally kind of locked into like 2/3 games at one time and don't really want to play much else.

I promise, I'm not actually an asshole! I just like to talk shit, it makes games a lot more fun for me :DSTsmallbird: I'm also really big on first impressions, and if my first impression of you is that you're creepy/an asshole, I'm probably gonna keep that opinion until convinced otherwise (Unless i'm pretending to like you because you're friends with people I like being around, then i'll try my best to like you even if you are a pos)

If you're sending me a friend request and I can't remember where you added me from, i'm just going to assume you're some leech/bot trying to get items out of my steam inventory, so please announce yourself if I don't actually know you, not that my friend list is exclusive at all.

If you need to find my name on any other platform and it's not just TroubledTree or Treelos, feel free to ask me.

If you need to speak to me i'm almost always in my personal discord.

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Piper 1 de Jun às 16:13 
Karma 1 Set, 2018 às 23:41 
Hi, I trade my pudge arcana for any 10 Dota2 loading screens - if you want send me trade offer, I will accept
Treelos 1 Set, 2018 às 15:02 
Lol i checked your inventory and ther's no pudge arcana, don't comment on my profile with scams please
Piper 20 Nov, 2017 às 11:06 
Karma 25 Out, 2017 às 4:04 
projecteulogy 19 Out, 2017 às 1:25 
Thanks for being a DBD camper. Idc if you hook me 100 times, but its REALLY hard to get BP back from progress resets when you do stuff like this to other players. Please don't. Playing like this is killing the game. If you see someone at the hook then camp away. But using the hag and hard camping right inside your teleport range is crappy play. I think i'm just going to stick to SWF. At least there I can do daily healing rituals and unhook rituals that are insanely hard to do because of the camping killer base who focus on their rank's saftey vs actually gaining BP and playing the game.