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Season 23 - Steel sniper/Midheaven
Season 24 - Silver scout/Midheaven
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FireGuy808 Oct 27 @ 8:27am 
Someone impersonating you? A dead offline man? How rude -_-. Glad the impersonator got VACced :3
Foxster951 Oct 22 @ 1:27pm 
Why do i have this guy on my friends list can someone explain who he is or what he does or did
Kung Boo Oct 20 @ 8:06pm 
Hey, I found someone impersonating you(Hope I spelled it right lol)
Here is their steamid:
★ _FЯostyKεks ★ Sep 1 @ 4:26am 
dis nibba ded

*insert sad nibba hours here*
bae humpty dumpy May 20 @ 6:24am 
added to discuss sale of bp.
dak1ne May 5 @ 11:35am 
sent you an offer on GE Cotton