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C24:25.KING-1 radios on tac: "<:: I don't care if I get a 99, there is 10 pizzas for everybody in the canteen. Come get yours. ::>" Dispatch radios on command: "<:: KING 1 charged with 99; 12 SC deducted, Family status endagered. ::>"

Responsibility's cool, but theres more things in life Like gettin your dick rode all fuckin night

*** Nicce Arppei would turn around. His skin, reflective like the water off a fine lake, would almost blind the indivuduals who DARE to gaze upon him. His uniform, obviously ruined from years and years of hard work, Would be drenched in the hard earned sweat of preaching all day, hoping those to pick up on the glorious words he preaches. As he begins to turn, he is visibly sweaty, leaving behind the swift, running trail of water. It'd remind you of that of a river, furiously, but also soft and passionate. He'd begin to make his approach to the wall, the soft "CLick clavk click clack click clack click clack" as he does so echoes so softly across the chamber-like room. He'd eventually meet the wall, his eyes almost plastered to it like that of glue and a sticker to a piece of lined paper in a grade 2 science fair project, you know what I mean, the one you ended up failing becuase you didn't know what the word "Eon" meant, despite being told OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Eventually, he'd place his sweaty palms against the wa

Dunka Mc Bunka
We are proud to announce that Derty Harry™ has been sold to Fucc Man and Friends™ for one weed, thank you.
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HL2RP logs
** Reggie Loony takes a doritos locos tacos from his pocket, munching it
Reggie Loony says "Mmm"
Reggie Loony says "Nice!"
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Hold it."
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Drop that."
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Where'd you get it>?"
[[5'11'] [Brown Hair] ...] says "What's going on?"
Reggie Loony says "I got it from Taco Bell, yes?"
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Haha."
** Reggie Loony drops it with sadness on his face
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Good one, there are no more Taco Bell's around here."
** It splats
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Tell me where you got it from, /really/, or you'll face enhanced re-education."
Reggie Loony says "Nonono, I got it from a man named Taco Bel"
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: I see."
[LOOC] Jayden Walker: gg
[5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] says "<:: Face the wall."
Reggie Loony says "Ah, nuts.."
** Reggie Loony faces the wall as more doritos locos tacos fall out of his pockets
** [5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] grips his SMG tightly, expecting the man to make a run for it.
** [Male|5'10"|162 lbs.|C...] mimes checking his watch.
** [[5'11'] [Brown Hair] ...] reaches for one of the fallen tacos, attempting to consume it.
** [Male|5'10"|162 lbs.|C...] mutters, "Seriously?"
(o) [OOC] Joey Gigorno: :/
** [5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] relaxes his grip upon seeing him comply, before moving up behind the male, slinging his MP7. He wouldn't bother unclipping his sstunstick, bringing up his right hand, balled into a fist as he slams it into the male's lower right back, before twisting the knuckles, hitting at his nerve center (likely to stun the male for some time due to the pain induced). After this he'd quickly grab the presumably stunned male's hands and bind them together with a ziptie.
Reggie Loony yells "YEAOWCH!"
** [A unit wearing a clea...] would holster her stunstick and take out her pistol as she gets closer to the scene.
** Reggie Loony screams as he gets slam dunked, he says "Jinkies! What
cowbo harry: ** [A unit wearing a clea...] would holster her stunstick and take out her pistol as she gets closer to the scene.
** Reggie Loony screams as he gets slam dunked, he says "Jinkies! What the heck was that for?"
** [5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] quickly turns out the man's pockets in a flurry of hand motions.
** 13 more tacos fall out of his pockets
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.05.05299: Wtf is this
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.05.05299: Retardation
** [5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] would then grab the male by the back of his collar, with his left hand, before pulling him backwards as he turns to the side, flinging him to the floor, before bringing his right boot back and kicking hte male in the gut.
[A unit wearing a clea...] says "<:: Oh-!"
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.EpU.66240: its fun
[A unit wearing a clea...] says "<:: Need help with him?"
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.EpU.66240: this is gun
[LOOC] Reggie Loony: taco rp
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.EpU.66240: *fun
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.05.05299: get ic scrub
[LOOC] MPF.C45-UNION.EpU.66240: i get to beat a guy up for eating taco
** Reggie Loony gets flung to the floor and as he is stomped he shouts in pain
Reggie Loony says "Argh, hit in the gut..."
Reggie Loony says "Ugh, my gut!"
Reggie Loony says "Help!"
Reggie Loony says "My gut! My tacos! It's all over!"
** [5'11|Male|160 lbs|MPF...] continues to kick the male a couple more times in the gut, before leaning over, dragging him by the collar and positioning him over a taco, before putting his left knee onto the male's back, holding him down. He'd then yell out as he slides

[5'4"/Dirty brown boot...] says "I'M BEING MOLESTED SIR"
** Derty Harry wraps his entire body around the mans head, squeezing it TIGHTTTTT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT
[OOC] Nate Jones: Wtf stop mingeing
** Derty Harry shrinks the mans head to a peanut size


*** Dmitri Petrov gets struck so hard, the force and stress brought upon him due to the impact would cause his head to implode. The force of the strike. mostly centered around his cranium, would repulse his inner skull fat membrane, along with his brain communistall to be expelled rapidly from his body - most likely being sent in all directions. Any and all witnesses to his violent attack would surely be struck emotionally. His body would violently shake in a manner, his arms and legs twitchy violently as the now futile remains of this once proud man would be spread evenly across the street. His fingers, rapidly moving - would be a condition known to his entire body. He was now dead. He is simply a sack of flesh. He is no longer the man he once was. Murdered in cold blood over a simple and poorly evident accusation. His lifeless corpse lies there, shaking and twitching.
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:confedflag: i all goes back into the box
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my name jeff
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Darla 3 minutes ago
I'm going to be reporting three people who have been spamming, being slanderous, and annoying. They are not succeeding in actually causing harm to me, but I'd rather them not come across some weakling who can't take care of a lonely teenager spreading photos of him.
черномазый Mar 27 @ 2:10pm 
Damn, my AP goin' psycho, lil' mama bad like Michael
Can't really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you
My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload
Come with the Tony Romo for clowns and all the bozos
My AP goin' psycho, lil' mama bad like Michael
Can't really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you
My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload
Don't act like you my friend when I'm rollin' through my ends, though
черномазый Mar 24 @ 12:12am 
Dunka mc bunka, make it bunchy make it dunchy
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Today, you people are no longer Bob Good fans. Today, you are Minges You're part of a brotherhood. From now on until the day you die, wherever you are, every Minge is your brother. Most of you will go to LemonPunch and Shockcore. Some of you will not come back. But always remember this: Minges get banned. That's what we're here for. But the Minge Corps lives forever. And that means YOU live forever.