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Vito Apr 26 @ 10:46pm 
Making fun of someone for liking a streamer is just ignorant and shows how out of touch you really are. Seriously, my dad makes fun of me for being 20 while still being into video games, watching people play video games and still being a virgin. He routinely asks me if I've finally lost my virginity or found a girlfriend each time I come home. He emasculates me in front of my friends by saying stupid shit like "At least you guys get pussy right?" and "You guys can set him up with some girls!". I cant even blame him for raising me incorrectly because my older brother plays football at a D1 school while majoring in mechanical engineering.
I tried to explain to him how competitive e-sports were while I was watching evo and he asks "Aren't you a little too old for Nintendo?" This shit gets so fucking annoying and it's actually having an impact on my mental health. He actually started calling me "Virgy" in public and around other people instead of referring to me by my real name. Fuck him.
To be honest, you need to have a very big IQ to enjoy anime.
i gotta go get it Jan 22 @ 7:50pm 
i gotta go get it Jan 22 @ 7:49pm 
i gotta go get it Jan 22 @ 7:49pm 
i gotta go get it Jan 22 @ 7:49pm