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Hello all you steam stalkers, furries, friends! Welcome to my profile!
Friend me I don't bite!


Fallout 4
Stuff about me:
Hello there! Welcome to my profile, there's not that much about me, just the fact i mostly don't talk. I sometimes send a message first, but would prefer if you sent one to me first. Currently i'm learning how to play a couple of instruments, including guitar. I love to make new friends, and love to play with them too! I'm a friendly guy and judge no one, and i am always open to talk to.

Online- Feel free to message me when im online! I'm probably just watching youtube :p.
Away- Doing stuff :P
Offline- Asleep or doing stuff with my family
Busy- Don't really use this
In-Game: I mostly play The Forest, and Garry's Mod everynow and then, you could also message me during this time.

Name: Malachi
Age: Guess
Date of Birth: Guess! :D
Languages: American, some spanish and arabic, (very basic stuff)
Trades: Maybe
Sexuality: I'm a (Insert here)



if your down here,


absolutely nothing, nice job wasting your time! :D
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Gastounet75 (FR) 12月4日 0時04分 
Love you ❤❤❤
Juno the sergal 11月1日 15時54分 
Gastounet75 (FR) 11月1日 0時39分 
I love you !
Horror Shadow99 10月31日 5時34分 
That profile pic looks so hot, I wish I could relax on them big boobs.
Infrasound 9月29日 21時05分 
An incredible friend. They stress out a bit and hold grudges for a hot minute, but they're otherwise a wonderful individual and very skilled gamer. Disrespect them, and you'll get demolished.

Also, a really great hugger.
pepperoni pizza 8月16日 0時47分 
May I offer you one delicious pizza?