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I main sniper and play tf2 a lot. I have a youtube channel. I dont post much but ill try more in the summer. Enjoy your stay
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Hello! Please read!!!
Hello! Welcome to My Profile

:blue_jewel: Im a sniper main in Tf2. I play Tf2, Terraria, Minecraft, Garrys Mod, Skyrim, ESO,
:diamond: Rust, and a few other games
:h7crystal: I can usually ring anytime (im not the best in 6s but I can manage)
:blue_jewel: I main sniper so keep that inmind...
:diamond: I usually accept friend requests from people I play with ingame.
:h7crystal: Im a pretty nice person (most of the time) and like playing with people
:blue_jewel:I am trading right now and selling some items. You can find links to my
:diamond: backpack and other useful sites below.
:h7crystal: Friend Invite
:blue_jewel: Non-private account
:diamond: If You Are Adding For Trading No Vac Bans (unless they are very outdated)
:h7crystal: No Trade Bans
:blue_jewel: Please comment on my profile before adding if you want to trade
:diamond: Group Invite
:h7crystal: Notify me before sending the request (unless we have been friends for a while)
Trading Rules and Links

:h7crystal: No Trade//Site bans at all
:blue_jewel: Steam Level 10+
:diamond: Please comment on my profile before adding if you want to trade.
:h7crystal: My Steam Group
:blue_jewel: Profile
:diamond: Tf2outpost [] Profile
:h7crystal: Profile
:blue_jewel: Profile
:diamond: My SteamREP []
:h7crystal: Trade Offer Me here
:blue_jewel: ESEA []
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FOUSHe May 18 @ 7:43pm 
oh shoot he catman.
Tina May 18 @ 7:21pm 
FOUSHe May 18 @ 6:49pm 
but, what if he not person...?
Tina May 18 @ 6:45pm 
Good person...
FOUSHe May 18 @ 6:42pm 
LayeredTheDank™ May 2 @ 12:32pm 
wheres the negative paint