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Oct 26, 2016 @ 1:50pm
In topic Crashing on Datastore Level
I get the message that the program is not responding while playing the Datastore level of this game. It's repeatable, and always occur near one of the magnet platforms.

It's possible my game would crash elsewhere, too, but I didn't want to make a time commitment to what might be a broken game.

My computer's specs are as follows:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.9GHz
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_ldr.160930-0600)
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset

It's not exactly a gaming PC, but it runs the rest of the game fine.
This happened to me as well; wish I had looked for this topic before shutting down the game via Task Manager.

I had the Eidolon bring me out of the area, in the hopes of being able to see the Grand Corruptor again and hopefully just restarting the encounter, but he never engaged in dialogue with me, even though he had healed back up to full health.

So, uh, if you were looking forward to the Hexes tree like I was, uh, don't do that.
Nov 6, 2015 @ 8:29pm
In topic Level 31: The Sewer of Tears (And/Or Poop)
Subtle hints sound good. I'm too afraid to try again; my neighbors can hear me softly weep.
Oct 22, 2015 @ 7:42pm
In topic Level 31: The Sewer of Tears (And/Or Poop)
Playing that stage on Serious is just brutal. I tried for about half an hour to come up with a strategy for it, and I've got absolutely nothing. In the process of trying to learn the game well enough to hopefully beat it, I ended up with the current highest score on the leaderboards, just slightly ahead of a gamer whose run ended...on level 31.

The new, larger Horonyms which I know have proper names, but whom I'll call Banana Shields Lightning Hose Warriors, just don't seem to have anything resembling a good strat for as far as I've been able to work out. The most successful way to deal with them I've found is simply not to--open up the gate to the next level, have Banana Lightning back up, and down the hole he goes, where he ends up nobody knows.

But 31 puts you between a rock and hard place. You've only got so much room to manuever in, and the Lightning Hose, being a solid beam rather than a projectile, means you can't aggressively charge forward, stopping occasionally to erase shots with quick shield presses as they come at you. Grenades are a crapshoot because once Shield Hose actives his Banana Laser Shield, he's usually smart enough to block it and again, the tight spaces in 31 mean you can't play with your trajectory. It doesn't help matters that Lightning Hose can fire through the tiny gaps in the platforms above him (you can fire through those too, at the correct angles, but I've never been in a position where my machine gun spray can take 'em down.)

Anyone have any luck?
Sep 24, 2015 @ 5:39pm
In topic Does this run 1080p 60 fps?
Originally posted by isolatedRay:
Originally posted by SSJ_420z3r0_c00l_r4nch:
Game Type and Weapon of Choice have both run at very low FPS for me. Explosionade, however, seems to work fine (except it can't connect to Steam leaderboards nor allow the Steam overlay (Alt + Tab) to come up.

What kind of PC do you have?

AMD 9500 Quad Core
Radeon HD 4800
Windows Vista ( ;_; )
8 Gigs of RAM
Sep 24, 2015 @ 5:28pm
In topic Does this run 1080p 60 fps?
Game Type and Weapon of Choice have both run at very low FPS for me. Explosionade, however, seems to work fine (except it can't connect to Steam leaderboards nor allow the Steam overlay (Alt + Tab) to come up.

(EDIT: I meant to say Shift + Tab to get the overlay up.)

(EDIT 2: I rebooted my computer, and now everything is running smoothly, with the possible exception of Weapon of Choice--it's hard to tell if the movement is supposed to feel "weighty" or if it's merely the program being sluggish. Shoot 1up is definitely, 100% as frenetic as the original Xbox Live title, as is Explosionade. Can connect to high scores with Game Type, but for whatever reason the leaderboards aren't working on Explosionade and Shoot 1up.)
Apr 17, 2015 @ 4:30pm
In topic Does this have any H scenes
Really depends on what you consider H. For me, if there's two women, and they look into each others' eyes? That's it. That's all I need. Everybody clear the room, bada bing, bada boom, zoom zoom, va va va vroom.
Nov 8, 2014 @ 12:18am
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
Originally posted by syn010110:
Originally posted by SSJ_SJW_420z3r0_c00l_r4nch:
P.S. I don't think Christine Love really deserves to be lumped in with the SJW crowd. Considering how much she's had to put up with trolls, she's been respectful. That some of her opinions might have come up aligning with the SJW agenda doesn't put her into that camp. Unless I've missed something, she's just been weirded out by diehard fans disagreeing with her work, not calling her fans outright misogynists.

I don't think she's an "SJW" either, but that's mostly because I don't believe "SJWs" really exist at all. Not in great numbers, anyway, the "SJW" is a mythical beast much like the Basement Troll, the Creepy Weeaboo, the Straw Feminist and the MRA Fedora. These are not real people, but two-dimensional caricatures created by us that we then use to hurt people we disagree with.

Oh, they're real. I've witnessed the SJW crowd at work firsthand. I objected to something one of them wrote on Twitter, and after a heated discussion, I apparently got one of them angry enough that they took a Tweet that looked really bad out of context, combined it with two gendered slurs I most emphatically did not actually write, and posted about it to their blog with my name attached so, I guess, their followers could try to get me to kill myself. Would they have done the same thing if I hadn't been open about the fact that I was suicidal in the past? I really don't think so. If they need to not only invent their own oppression but specifically attack the weakest target they can find, there's something deeply and truly worrying about them that no chauvinist could hope to match. They're not just trolls; they're dyed-in-the-wool psychopaths who are so obsessed with some theoretical 'injustice' that they can justify outright lying for their 'cause.'

I suppose they, like any hate group, have a deep-seated need to feel superior to someone, anyone at all, in order to feel better about their own lack of accomplishments. The difference between the SJW crowd and every other hate group is good publicity. Nobody would question that someone said something hurtful about women on the Internet, and no one would feel altogether sorry for the fellow in question if he got a lot of hate mail. They've managed to so thoroughly associate themselves with actual problems that neither the media nor the culture of letters will ever call them out on their methods.
Nov 7, 2014 @ 11:41pm
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
Originally posted by syn010110:
Maybe you wouldn't do anything to stop that sort of intolerant society, but I would, because I would literally have nothing left to lose. If I were forced to live in a way inconsistent with my gender identity, I would have literally no reason to live whatsoever, and thus I would fight such a regime with every fiber of my being.

Because, hey, if I fail and die, I lose nothing. If I succeed and live, I gain everything.

Would you still fight back if it wasn't you who was in danger?

I'm not proposing that, if the world had a similar political breakdown as the Mugunghwa had, that I'd choose to do nothing because I'd think I could make it in that sort of world. But, better than any fictional representation of a decline into barbarism, Hate Plus's story of how it all happens rings true to me. Would I actively protest the law intended to deal with the ship's falling birth rate? Probably not; I might not like it, but it sort of makes sense. Would I get upset enough about the supposedly meritocratic changes in education and employment? No, even if it plays into a retro-conservative agenda, it certainly wouldn't feel like a slide towards dictatorship.

It might not come down to them coming for you, and you being forced to fight back. Not to Godwin's Law this thread, but look at what happened in Nazi Germany. A gradual change in the political situation, and then--you're suddenly picked up by the secret police. It could sneak up on all of us.
Nov 7, 2014 @ 11:25pm
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
P.S. I don't think Christine Love really deserves to be lumped in with the SJW crowd. Considering how much she's had to put up with trolls, she's been respectful. That some of her opinions might have come up aligning with the SJW agenda doesn't put her into that camp. Unless I've missed something, she's just been weirded out by diehard fans disagreeing with her work, not calling her fans outright misogynists.

There's not likely a man alive who hates SJW feminists more than me (through a bizarre and convoluted set of circumstances, it's true), and I still occasionally wonder how Love hasn't decided to pack her bags, leave the internet forever, and hide in the wilderness. Well. She does live in Canada.

P.P.S. I really wasn't joking when I said I'd write an ero scene between Old *Mute and Ms. Security Chief. As serious as a reactor failure.
Nov 7, 2014 @ 11:11pm
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
I can't find the exact quote, but Love once wrote something to the effect of "of course I care about *Mute; she's been living in my head for a year now." As readers, we have an altogether different viewpoint from the author. Where we played through two or three versions of the story told in linear time, Love had to have different possibilities for the same story as mental model for months, as she adjusted the beginning of the story to match up with where she intended to go.

When we say that *Mute's suicide being set in stone is wrong, we're not just saying that Love was wrong with this one point of her story, but with her creative vision. If *Mute didn't kill herself, she wouldn't be *Mute, and it wouldn't be Love's intended story.

Love was the only one with the real power to save *Mute, but it wouldn't have been the story she needed to tell if *Mute survived. You know going into Hate Plus that there won't be a happy ending for the Mugunghwa. There are intolerant regimes in the world today, and there will be new ones tomorrow. Sometimes, the heroes--*Mute--fail.

I've thought about playing the mod for a while now, and I never have simply because it feels like a cheat. Rewriting the story so she survives feels as false to me as if we'd rewritten the entire story so Old *Mute wins and discovers the Planet of the Sexy Space Valkyries. (No, wait. I'd read that.) That doesn't mean I don't wish you could save *Mute somehow. I was replaying Hate Plus with *Mute after introducing myself as a woman this time, to see how the dialogue would change. I got to the end of the second day and I literally haven't touched the game since then. Third Day Mute shoulda just started with a picture of Christine Love flipping you off and saying you suck.

But don't we suck? I think maybe we do suck. I wouldn't do anything to stop the sort of intolerant society that took over the Mugunghwa. Would you?

Saving *Mute seems silly when you realize we murdered her with a tiny knife each.
Nov 6, 2014 @ 10:58pm
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
The point where Christine Love disappointed me is that she seems to be a Star Trek fan, and yet she couldn't respect fans going all Kirk over her Kobayashi Maru.

Of course, the point of the Kobayashi Maru simulation is to see how a Starfleet Officer handles a no-win scenario, and Kirk, by cheating, refuses to accept that even he will someday face great personal loss.

So you could say that us fans trying to save *Mute means we, too, are refusing to accept that the world won't always be wrapped up in a pretty ribbon, that an option to win won't always present itself. But the Kobayashi Maru, even if it is rigged to always result in a loss, still requires an element of decision. Crossing the border to confront the Klingons risks causing a war that could result in millions of deaths and almost assuredly will result in the destruction of the officer's ship. But most still grasp at straws, hoping some way the wheels of fate might reverse, not because it is the decision they want to make, but because they refuse to watch idly by while someone else suffers.

We didn't try to save *Mute to win that achievement. We tried to save her because we, too, could not sit idly by. Even if it means refusing to learn the intended lesson, even if it means breaking the 'rules,' we couldn't simply walk away without trying. And this, I would argue, is precisely the sort of feeling a work like this needs to create. Oppressive regimes only begin to fall after a single 'unreasonable' person--damn the conequences--says "No."

I've always wondered what the Klingons thought of the Kobayashi Maru scenario. I doubt they understood Starfleet's intended purpose of seeing how officers react to failure. No, they would see it this way: would their officers, if presented with a valiant cause, choose to die old or die well?

We went forward with a valiant cause.

Old *Mute's the sort of leader I could get behind--intelligent, assertive, but aware of the appeal--and danger--of grabbing too much powerful for oneself.

The Romans had the story of Cincinatus. The Romans at the time typically made most of their decisions via their legislative body, but an enemy army was approaching and they didn't have time to bicker. Someone came to Cincinatus' farm and told him he'd just been voted dictator. Cincinatus took control of the army, defeated the enemy, and just as his popularity was at its peak, he left his position as dictator and returned to his farm. He could have made a play at making his position permanent, or perhaps tried to parlay his authority and fame into a better position for himself. Instead, he decided the honorable thing to do would be to respect the Roman republic tradition and allow business to resume as normal.

Old *Mute doesn't seem like she'd care about ideals such as "honor", especially with how her story ends, but Councillor of Security isn't just her job, it's her life's work. She's around to preserve the Mugunghwa. And to her, "preserving the Mugunghwa" isn't just about keeping everyone physically alive. 1600 years is a long time. Presumably, she could have used her veto power to secure a much better position for herself and her adopted family. It would have even made her job in policing the Mugunghwa easier. But being some dictator isn't what she's about.

Could she have just had her opponents shot? Definitely. At the beginning of the story, it's painfully obvious that she's the only one with any sort of armed forces. But Old *Mute's not stopping the rebellion by shooting anyone. She has to come up with a convoluted plan to get the rebellion to self-destruct, because she doesn't want to set a precedent of killing political opponents and sending the Mugunghwa straight to hell. As much as possible, her actions need to be peaceful and legal.

Everyone says that violence is the easy and obvious way to deal with problems, and that Old *Mute should have had Oh Eun-a and Ryu killed at the first sign of trouble. And maybe that's true. But what's one of the prime differences between the successful nations today and failed states? It's not just poverty. Cross a number of arbitrary borders and you can go from a successful to a failed state. It's the ability to peacefully resolve conflicts without random acts of violence, the ability to keep life relatively orderly.

If Old *Mute was the sort of person who would have used her overwhelming military advantage to shut her opponents down, she'd be reducing the Mugunghwa to a Space Afghanistan--suddenly the ship would be a free-for-all across class lines and between noble families. A decline into absolute tribalism. Old *Mute played a dangerous game--that is, allow a certain amount of freedom--but she kept the whole thing going for 1600 years. There's no country on Earth right now which can claim to have that sort of leadership. By playing a good Cincinatus, by knowing when to enforce with almost dictatorial power and when to go back to being a farmer, she kept a government alive three times as long as that Joseon period Oh Eun-a thought of as being the pinnacle of order.

Sure, Old *Mute might leave you to die to save her own skin. But any leader would do that. At least with Old *Mute you know she's doing it because she honestly believes it's for the good of the state. I'd take "badass but legal" over a tinpot dictator anyday.

She's also kind of sexy.
Aug 30, 2013 @ 4:32pm
In topic About that cake achievement...
Originally posted by Durmgrid Darkblade:
Originally posted by MagnusXL:
I bought mine. *Hyun-ae complained, but relented that it was fair.

She also wondered how I managed to buy a cake in deep space, which is awfully hypocritical considering that she was fine with me buying ingredients to bake a cake in the same fashion.
Yeah, I've noticed the recipes don't provide any adjustments for living at altitude (live in Colorado). Wonder if they need adjustment for a zero-g environment?

That brings up an interesting question, actually. The pressure onboard the ship is much higher than on Earth. I'm guessing that would have some effect on the cake, since *Hyun-ae is assuming we're cooking on the ship, not in real life, right? Maybe we don't have the "real" baking instructions for baking her cake on Earth.
Aug 29, 2013 @ 9:17pm
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
This may sound fantastical, but I swear it is true: I have spent a lot of time thinking about how that might work, and I think I have an actionable plan. Just watch me.
I really don't believe Christine Love did this as some sort of PR stunt. She's just got a very...stylistic sense of humor. She's an incredibly interesting person--you don't make games based on the 80s BBS scene or the Korean Joseon period without being one--and that means she is DEFINITELY the sort of person who'd do this as a joke.

She's also the sort of person who might put in DLC or an update once everyone starts to believe the rumors that you could revive *Mute were baseless, though, so...just play the waiting game.

Originally posted by Zeks:
On a random note - *Mute does mention constantly that she and *Hyun-Ae are basically the same code. If anything, I'd not put it past CL to put revival route on *Hyun-Ae's branch instead.

The "identical code" comments are mostly a reference to one of her previous games, Digital: A Love Story, where (spoilers here) AIs couldn't copy themselves without destroying the oriignal copy. We didn't know if Digital and Analogue were canon to each other (taking place 3001 years apart, and all) but if Digital isn't canon, then at least Analogue's AIs follow Digital's rules. The problem in Digital is that an AI that could copy itself and grow forever would take up all available computing power, so the AIs had to clean up all the "extra" copies and come up with a way to ensure that more than one copy of a single AI didn't end up on two servers at once on the early Internet...rules which, given the terrible connections available at the time, were very stringent, and THAT's why the AIs in Hate Plus have to recompile themselves and can only extract 6 messages from their code at a time: any more, and their code is like "whoa, you're making a copy, can't have that, dudette."

So Love mentions the "identical code" thing as a kind of joke to basically say the Harem Route isn't just impossible, but it's impossible twice over. There's no way *Mute and *Hyun-ae should be active at once, because the whole point of the AI limited reproduction system was to prevent what just happened. There should have been some changes in *Hyun-ae's source code in order to prevent her being flagged as a copy of *Mute, but there doesn't seem to have been...and that's pretty much why *Hyun-ae still had Old *Mute's logs. (Maybe it's okay if an AI is just stored as data, rather than currently in memory somewhere?)

tl;dr? *Hyun-ae couldn't revive *Mute because running them both at the same time should be plum impossible, unless you want to say *Hyun-ae or her dad were m45t3r h4x0rZ.

Aug 29, 2013 @ 8:44pm
In topic Level Four Revive Materia Project
I haven't kept up with the Materia thread, but are you fellows currently taking applications for log file writers? I don't have much to say about *Mute's suicide, but there is one way in which Christine Love greatly disappointed me with her latest work, and I believe the situation can and should be rectified.

I would like to submit to your project an erotic scene between Old *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong.

Every other couple in the game talks about their sex life. Gambler Dude and Security Guard, Flower Girl and the Actress, Kim So-yi and the Chef, even Oh Eun-a and Ryu get it on. But not Old *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong. And, while it's great that the game was able to portray both a gay and a lesbian relationship positively, I really think Love could have gone a step further and brought us Old People and Computer People having sex, too.

Old *Mute is as much the protagonist of Hate Plus as anyone, and for her (and only her) not to have their sex life revealed in a game that deals so much with sex and gender is a terrible omission. An omission that--with your help--I feel could be restored, allowing Hate Plus to be the great game we all know it could be.
Aug 28, 2013 @ 3:19pm
In topic Who do you 'Hate' most? (SPOILERS, FULL OF THEM)
Originally posted by wraith_magus:
Well, I am reminded that the original meaning of "Yaoi" came from the concatonation of a dismissive phrase that roughly translates as, "No story, no climax, no meaning." It originally referred to basically any fanfic that just involved the author shipping two favorite characters without bothering to put an actual storyline to it besides humping. (It just became overwhelmingly associated with the gay fanfics.)


I mean, if the whole overarching point of the storyline is so subtle that most of the people talking about it don't even notice it, (by which I mean, you're pretty much the first one to try to state it's explicitly the point of her route, rather than tying it in with *Mute's "looking back at the past" themes,) then it's not being effectively delivered. Love's previous morals of the story were delivered with the subtlety of a punch in the face - you could hardly come away from Analogue thinking that nothing ever went wrong in Neo-Joseon land. And some anvils need dropping and all that - good writing delivers a clear, strong message without making the message unbelievable for how garishly it was presented.

Conversely, a Roger Ebert quote goes, "If you have to ask what it symbolizes, it didn't."

Beyond that, if the whole point was to show her coming into her sexuality then... umm... wouldn't she have needed not to have come into her sexuality, already? She reacts to Ryu in the harem route by talking about how, "if he's anything like his ancestor..." then she completely understands Eun-a going after him because of her phallus famine problem. Or, say, block 34. She already clearly was a sexual creature.

If it's about what it means to be in a "mature" relationship, or one where she can feel respected, instead of just being a human (or gynoid) sex-toy, then... well, that wasn't really discussed. I mean, aside from wanting a guy that bakes cakes for her, she doesn't really state any preferences. She doesn't bother asking your gender. She didn't like all the submissive behavior when she wasn't asked her opinion on it, but does that mean she likes to go dom, or would want to be a sub, but only in relationships of her choosing, or do you flip a coin or armwrestle to see "who's on top" for the night? Who knows?

Again, Ms. Love certainly could have built a story out of doing that - but then, why make the big reveal logs be the ones related to Eun-a, if they have absolutely no impact on how *Hyun-ae seems to regard sexuality? She'd have needed to rewrite the story around actually delivering on that drama.

The story is lacking in proper narrative structure, but we need to remember that this isn't a regular story, but a look back at a previously forgotten past. I don't agree with how Love handled it, but Devil's Advocate here: it's an accurate simulation of what it would be like to find the story of a lost civilization in real life. There's not much chance that deciphering their history is going to have a big effect on you, because you're so far removed from it all.

And, for Hyun-ae, it's a history that's important to her, but it's also one that is ancient history to her twice over. It was forgotten by the time she was awakened, and then she spent 600 years--twice the amount of time between her new home and the events of Hate Plus's logs--completely alone. In a very real way, she spent 17 years "alive" and 600+ years "dead"; is it any wonder she feels distant from her society's ancient history?

I would have liked to see more concrete progress on Hyun-ae's part in regards to her sexuality, but she wouldn't KNOW she was bisexual, or a dom, or a sub, or anything like that because...those are words she's totally unfamiliar with! She has a 13 year old's knowledge of how relationships work in our time, a 17 year old wife's knowledge of how relationships work in the Neo-Joseon period, and 600 years of questions about what a computer might be able to do without a body.

It wouldn't occur to Hyun-ae that she was bisexual because she's not even entirely sure that's a thing, I think; she understands that the actress and the flower girl are in love, but she doesn't seem to have a conceptual awareness of what them being lesbians really means. (*Mute, for that matter, doesn't understand either, and constantly tries to understand it as "who is taking the man's role", but that's more patriarchal thinking than Hyun-ae's innocence.)

If you've played the Harem Route: I got one ending where Hyun-ae apparently decided that she was in love with *Mute, which surprised the hell out of me, to be honest, because Hyun-ae had announced that she was, you know, my wife. I assumed a certain degree of exclusivity, or at least an announcment that our relationship wasn't exclusive. But, really: how would Hyun-ae know what she's doing is unusual? She's not a totally "innocent" person, but in a certain way, she is; it's almost like she's a young girl announcing she's going to marry her father and brothers when she grows up, because she doesn't really "get" what marriage means. Hyun-ae has lots of weird ideas on what love is, and it's entertaining to see her try to sort these things out. I'm guessing she's seeing herself in a freer environment, and since she came from a world that allowed pluralistic marriages (*only for men), she assumes that freer environment means a household of five husbands and five wives, all married to each other, might be "normal".

Or maybe it's a Kim genetic trait. Both Hyun-ae and Heo Seo-yeong's husband had a, uhm, penchant for maids.

There's not much of a "story" possible there, but it's interesting, and, again, Devil's Advocate: it's not something we'd get outside a strict narrative structure, and it's...well, cute to see Hyun-ae try to adapt to all this new information, and to see her put it together in completely crazy ways.
Aug 27, 2013 @ 9:19pm
In topic Who do you 'Hate' most? (SPOILERS, FULL OF THEM)
The story was written for at least three different viewpoints, maybe more, so while the story being told by the logs is complete, the story being told by the AIs reading the logs has to accomodate a lot of extraneous stuff, and I admit Love needing to work around those conditions leaves Hate Plus a weaker game than Analogue.

On the other hand, Love is characteristically clever even when she's written herself into a corner. As much as Hyun-ae's route has nothing to do with anything, because Hyun-ae doesn't have any real connection to Old *Mute and she's witnessing a power struggle that was both hundreds of years in her future as well as hundreds of years in her past, she's not just interested in the log files to find out what happened to the Mugunghwa. Instead, Love shows Hyun-ae trying to learn about human sexuality, and what that means for a girl raised with fairly liberal values, who lost her virginity in a misogynistic patriarchal culture, and is now a computer program without a physical body.

And this route uses The Investigator's silence to great effect, since we don't have much opportunity to tell Hyun-ae what we think she "should" be like. Instead, it's Hyun-ae trying to learn what she wants from a sexual relationship, and that process of self-discovery is really interesting to watch. It doesn't really go anywhere, sadly, because the nature of the game is tied very much into the past rather than what Hyun-ae is going to do with her future, but even the few games that deal with sexual issues don't have a character who is undergoing this sort of awakening.
Aug 27, 2013 @ 3:35pm
In topic Who do you 'Hate' most? (SPOILERS, FULL OF THEM)
I think we should remember that the Mugunghwa likely WAS in decline. The peasants being able to get any power at all speaks to them being angry about something, probably something real. If Old *Mute isn't capable of stopping the President from getting something approaching real power, then they've probably been angrier than they have in...maybe as long as a thousand years.

Clearly the Mugunghwa wasn't supposed to be as old as it was. Presumably it should have reached its destination earlier than 1600 years and counting. "The Radiation Problem" might have only been the most obvious sign of the ship's general decay. No matter how good their recycling program was, maybe they're starting to run out of necessities. Maybe entire decks have been lost. We don't really know, because we never get a log where someone talks about this, but things sound like they're getting bad.

Oh Eun-a might see actual social collapse rather than just the "hedonism" she perceives around her. And, presumably, things had to be pretty bad if the average citizen, who was likely only going to suffer under the Joseon regime, was willing to submit to Emperor Ryu.

Heck, we KNOW the Security forces loyal to Heo Seo-yeong were more numerous than Ryu's electoral guards. They likely wouldn't have bought the excuse that Heo had some secret agenda. The only way Ryu could have successfully taken over is if the "common people" were desperate, and willing to listen to someone proposing dramatic change.

People look in weird places for answers in times of duress. Eun-a looked to Confucianism; the people looked to Eun-a's puppet Ryu.
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