Sorry if I'm clingy, or overbearing, or obnoxious. But sometimes I worry, I worry about my friends. Do they mean more to me than I do to them? Am I too boring? Do I come on too strong? I know they tell me that they care, that they like me, but sometimes I forget.Sometimes I'm not as sure of myself as I say I am. All I want is to be cared about, to be remembered. I think that's something everyone wants, to be loved. Sometimes I'm so scared that no one will care anymore. That I'll be rejected, abandoned, or replaced. This feeling is worse that any nightmare.I know none of it's true, I know that you do care and won't leave me, but sometimes I need to be reminded. Reminded of the friendship we share, the magic that brings us together. Please... when I don't seem like myself or being super extra clingy and overbearing, don't push me away, I just need you to remind me that you care, and I won't be forgotten. Don't just assume I already know, because sometimes I have a terrible memory. Somedays when it's dark and lonely, all I need is for my friends to show me the way, and remind me that friendship is still magic... [/url]
What hurts is when you are blind to reality and don't know but knowing that you're blind to reality hurts more...
I have pains in my chest that won't go away, Yet I think Its because you went away...
You do everything you can to make up for it, knowing that you'll never succeed
in getting rid of the guilt. You devote yourself to spending everysecond trying to do better despite the fact that it will never be enough, and you pray that with every single good act you do that somehow, when your life is over, that you came close to making up for the wrong you commited.
My morals are apparently wrong to my friends, but they're my friends morals my morals.
Don't ever take what you have for granted, especially things like companionship and love. I ruined a lot of things in my life and those two things hurt the most when you lose it.
“I love you, and even though you lie to me, even though you have feelings for another pony, even though you will hurt me and tear me to pieces. I will still love you. Even though my love for you will destroy me, it’s better than the loneliness I felt before I met you.”
Sometime I see a old friend and I wonder
" Where did It go wrong?"
"It happens faster than you could ever think
From always and forever to never again in less than a blink"
"It breaks me down, Passing through the chest,
putting strain on the throat.
It crushes me,
twist me,
puts me on my knees!
I hate it,
and I'm madly trying to return everything...
If this feeling is just an explosion of endorphin,
why does it hurt so much?
Why can't I cry?
"But I won't let any of them see that. I won't let anyone see what I'm feeling because it would hurt them, and it would hurt me too, and I don't want that. Or the pity. Anything but that.
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