「Joey」   Pennsylvania, United States

Who am I?:
someone who owns this steam account. I dont know how he's been here for 3-4 years.

Music..(Who doesn't), Horror, Coop, and adventure games. I also do a lot of stuff with PAC3.

I also have a Youtube channel..Not really sure why...But here it is.

My Youtube:
My content is literally shit please no looking :)

⠀⠀ ⠀

And for those of you who know me and don't know how to pronounce my Steam name:
Toomas(Two-Moss, Two-Miss,)

~~~Now Time for some quotes~~~
"I think I'm going to get my dick torn off" - Cyrine 2017

"God damn, Last time I was this uneasy was when I didnt get a boner when my mom spanked me" - Cyrine 2017

"But... Torture is fun!" - Cyrine 2017

the sounds of a motercycle engine turn me on - Toomas 2017

Daddy please i'm only 5 - Toomas 2017

are you gonna put every single thing I say on Discord? - Toomas 2017

My life is just a quote at this point - toomas 2017

R-radio, pls stap, I... I like moist things and dis is gettin gud' - Toomas 2017

I was thinking something weird like "Bartholomew VanDoofinstinkle" ' -Toomis 2017

What do you mean I have shitty word choices?' - Toomis 2017

Toomis cause my life is a miss - Toomis 2017

Toomis, cause his mom missed the aportion appointment - Count 2017

You've got a point; autistic wrying - Toomas 2017

In 5 minutes, I will be dead - RadioJackal 2017

"You suck the chode. The chode sucks back" - Grim Rapper

"Necrophelia always wins" - Blade Storm

"Last time I heard something drop that hard were the kids at Columbine High School after they dropped dead." - Toomas

"Everyone who likes men go to private theater 1" - TechNinja

ツ Chara HamSlapper ツ: When i'm sexually confused, my pussy looks like
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