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Surviving the Apocalypse one game at a time!
CURRENT GIVEAWAY as of 11/22/18 :
Hosting #7daystodie steam key giveaways all weekend long leading up to the #alpha17 release monday! Click now to enter & return for another giveaway Sunday 10am-1pm to see 7 days to Die live stream on the floor @dreamhack #DHATL18
I host giveaways all the time now over on my youtube channel or just message me to see what's currently going on. I also drop random steam keys on my social media profiles so don't forget to check those out, thanks!

I am a gaming commentator that primarily focuses on Let's Plays and Tutorials. Specializing in the latest games in the Indie, Horror, and Survival genres.

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Welcome To My Profile! Please read before adding!
I have created a group to connect with people and chat, mostly because of the steam profile and friends restrictions not allowing me to be friends with everyone/ running out of space

:7days: If my YouTube channel brought you here, welcome and thank you! :7days:
I only have a few ground rules so please read!

:munchies: Wanna be friends? Add me! No problem with that! :munchies:

(If I have space free, working on leveling my profile to accept more people! If you like, please send cards for badge crafting!) :WoodAxe:

Feel free to say hi! I do have chat notifications off so they don't interrupt recordings, but I will try to respond to everyone when I can! I love to talk to people! and promise I'm not ignoring you!

I won't spam you with messages of my videos so please don't spam me with codes or websites for skins, ect. (lately I get 5+ of these a day the second I accept a friend request, I just unfriend this spam)

DO NOT call me, please! I don't voice chat with people, my mic is set up for recordings and the ringing interrupts them. I will have to block people who troll me by calling on purpose.

Unfortunately right now I do not have the time to collab or record with anyone, between being sick and also working other jobs, I am focusing on making videos for my channel at the moment.

However, I do jump into random servers for 7 days to die, just for fun! A time to relax and take a break from working on stuff, those are public and free to join of course!

Yes I am an actress and have been on Walking Dead, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Spiderman ect. I am free to talk about any of these and love to share stories, but please do not ask me for spoilers or what I am currently working on. I sign million dollar contracts known as non disclosure agreements and no, you won't convince me to tell you spoilers. lol

I promise I am nicer than this list seems, it's become needed since I have sometimes 20 different people all ask me to collab, game, or give spoilers on a daily basis!

I love you guys! Thanks for reading and visiting my profile, links below to all my other pages, feel free to message, tweet, subscribe, like, follow, whatever fits the profile!

:aahealth: I have also had people ask me to sign their steam profile, I think this is pretty neat and I'd be honored to, just ask. However I will not do the rep+ unless we have traded or something.

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Trade any basic items for pretty much any cards. Trying to lvl my profile, thanks. Off limit items are obviously h1z1 and 7 days to die, everything else is tradable, thanks!
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kevin May 20 @ 7:22am 
hey love your streams about 7dtd but can't find the one with the hordebase with electrical fence to make one of my own on my server sunny greatz from belgium
iZombie| May 3 @ 7:23pm 
Hey big fannn please add me and sign my profile
J.P Apr 13 @ 6:58pm 
Ratchet Mar 31 @ 12:04am 
Hey Tom, Big fan from India. Please sign my profile. Would be really appreciated...!!:steamhappy:
J.P Mar 26 @ 2:58am 
Hey nice content loved them please sign my profile :lunar2019smilingpig:
Devil May Care Feb 26 @ 10:50pm 
Hey, Which VR set do you recommend?