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Multiple VAC bans on record | Info
896 day(s) since last ban
Important Information <3 (readme.txt)
Read this section before sending me a friend request!
If you need to contact me about Business Inquiries, YouTube related content, or even if you want to say "Hi", then please send me an E-Mail -
Or if you want to talk to me without chat... Join my dixord! -

I need you to understand that I cannot accept every friend request that is sent to me, also I cannot keep people added in my friends list for long. I have chosen this to protect myself from hackers / hijackers / impersonators / people that want to make the community worse.
If you have been removed or your friend request has been declined then don't take it personally, I don't hate people.

Leaker ~ Done
HackForums Admin ~ Done
Grey Hat ~ Done
Make my own ransomware ~ Done
Hack the Pentagon twice ~ Delayed
Take down a NASA rocket during flight ~ Delayed
Explore the deep web ~ Done

To confirm it's the real me and not an impersonator
• Account created in February 24, 2013
• SteamID32 STEAM_0:0:62236729
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• Steam3ID [U:1:124473458]
• Custom SteamURL
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PC Specs
CPU - Intel Core i7 6700K
CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i V2
Motherboard - MSi Z270 SLI Plus (Some parts are custom painted white)
Memory - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400
Storage - Samsung 850 Evo 256GB SSD + Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB HDD
Video Card - Dual Strix GTX 1070 (One is painted white and other stock)
Case - CoolerMaster Cosmos White (Black)
Power Supply - Corsair RMx 850W
Case Fan - Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition (2-Pack)

My Profile Rules:

To send me a friend request and be accepted you need at least have one of the following:
1: Be at least level 10 on Steam or I need to know you [Required] .
2: Play Arma 3 or CS:GO [Recommended] .
3: I mostly need to know you in real life [Low recommendation] .
4: Have skins or Steam Cards in you inventory [Highly recommended] .
5: Required to have Discord, I do not use the Steam Voice Chat...Only for just a quick chat. But if you are playing with me you need to have Discord [Required] .
6: Leave a comment down below before sending a request. [Required] .


1: I only trade Steam Items,CS:GO skins/items or Team Fortress 2 items.
2: If you try to scam me you will be reported directly to Steam Customer Support and reported on Steam.
3: I mostly don't need free items but if you have some you can give them to me!


In-game = I am currently playing a game, you are able to send me messages but I may take some time to respond. [Note: I'm sometimes in-game but AFK, why am I in-game and AFK? Well I want to get more game hours.]

Online = I am currently working on my computer you can send me messages and I will respond as fast as I can.

Away = I have my PC turned on but I am not currently doing anything on it, I'm just away from the house or just sleeping. You can send me messages, I will respond when I come back Online.

Busy = I am busy doing something important, you cannot send me messages, [If you spam me you will be blocked] except if it's really important and you need me As Soon As Possible.

Looking to Play = I am currently looking for someone to play with in any game, you can send me messages I will respond to all of them, but mostly those that are inviting me to a game.

Looking to Trade = I am searching for someone that wants to trade, you can send me any messages but I will respond faster to those who want me to trade.

Offline = I am currently not on Steam and my PC is turned off, you can send me any messages any time but I will respond to them when I come back Online.

Note-> Sometime I may appear as in-game but be AFK so message me and if I don't respond then probably I'm AFK.

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60 hrs on record
last played on Jan 20
64 hrs on record
last played on Jan 10
0.6 hrs on record
last played on Jan 7
ToastDevSystems™ Nov 14, 2017 @ 7:19am 
Blaze Nov 14, 2017 @ 7:18am 
Multiple VAC bans on record thoro hmmmmm :/
ah do u know de wey? Sep 6, 2017 @ 3:14am 
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airblast Aug 29, 2017 @ 3:50pm 
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ah do u know de wey? Jul 12, 2017 @ 8:51am 
cBlade Jul 3, 2017 @ 12:05am 
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