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I no longer run or manage titsrp don't add me for that stuff fools

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Brian 19 października o 6:23 
Hi Adding about asking maybe to recieve the vmf for your RP_downtown_♥♥♥♥_v2 map please.
p!ggy 10 października o 17:09 
gives bad head :(
D34THC47 28 września o 9:04 
Hi mate I know you don't do maps any more but I need a little advice.. I noticed this error alot when editing maps.. too many t-juncs what exactly are they and how did you avoid this error when making ♥♥♥♥ v2. I have made things into props etc and it still shows the error. thanks.
👻 14 września o 19:13 
Happy Spooky Season and happy Friday the 13th! :ghostlight:
CARP 12 września o 14:05 
hi i had a question about the rp_downtown_♥♥♥♥ v2, the one that says if you get missing map go to the other link, everything with the map works but my f4 menu wont pull up even after ive done everything else i was supposed to do, can you help me with troubleshooting my issue?
bsn 31 sierpnia o 14:31 
Howdy, have some questions about quad0.