Stephen   Virginia, United States
Interested in Competitive TF2? Check out
http://newbie.tf , Newbie Mixes , or ask me!

I generally won't accept random friend requests. Please leave a comment on my profile about why you added me. If you want to trade with me, offer me a trade using this: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=84965505&token=D9PLOo2Y

Sometimes I will clear my friends list of people I don't recognize. Feel free to re-add me, but you should probably post a comment on my profile first.

I don't really trade anymore but here are the relevant links:
Bazaar.tf page [bazaar.tf]

turtlebee picture by Ly : https://gyazo.com/870fea65179b99cfa3e55477550fe19c
edits/coloring by me
credit to Squidamatron , Kay , and lights for the name/idea

Favorite player: MANKUT - MANKUT Frag Movie

Tip of the Hats [www.tipofthehats.org]

RGL.gg Page [rgl.gg]
ESEA Page [play.esea.net]
UGC Page [www.ugcleague.com]
CEVO Page [www.cevo.com]
teamfortress.tv Page [teamfortress.tv]
TF2 Backpack [backpack.tf]
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hey, i cant send you friend request, so can you add me please? its urgent
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add me pls
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+rep, add me
blur Aug 10, 2020 @ 3:13pm 
Added to talk about your LFT post.
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Added for RGL LFT post