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xara and Zoey :mcheart:

17:17 - iveinsomnia: Remember your name also appear in all the news you write ^^"
17:20 - Timmy the Duck Thief: I don't give a duck.

17:11 - Knalraap™: One day I'll quack something noteworthy enough to end up on your quote wall <3

12:19 - Serra: So, is your job just sitting on twitter, posting lewd tweets and overall looking lewd or is it more?

12:26 - Boopsi Doodle: I just imagine you making those ads now.
12:26 - Boopsi Doodle: "Looking for hot anthro ducks to help raise stolen ducks."

17:19 - yuv912^: http://i.imgur.com/RehH9yU.jpg timmy :csdsmile:

7:15 - CueZero: WOWZA that is one hot d*ck O3O

18:35 - Timmy the Duck Thief: Make a game
18:35 - Timmy the Duck Thief: About me
18:35 - Timmy the Duck Thief: Stealing ducks
18:37 - Jason Deirulo: And Timmy, I should. It can be about you, money, theft, sex and fast vehicles
18:37 - Jason Deirulo: Or as I like to call it
18:38 - Jason Deirulo: Bucks, Ducks, Fucks and Trucks

14:18 - Jason Deirulo: People found out how Timmy is against Ethics in Duck Journalism.
14:18 - Jason Deirulo: All they had to do was follow the breadcrumbs.
14:18 - AciD: that was a goose
14:18 - AciD: not a duck.
14:18 - AciD: Racist
14:19 - Jason Deirulo: Timmy doesn't give a duck.
14:19 - Jason Deirulo: He does the exact opposite in fact.
14:19 - Jason Deirulo: He TAKES the duck

03:38 - Timmy the Duck Thief: LGBTD - D for duck.
03:38 - CueZero: YES equal rights for all ducks
03:38 - CueZero: down with duck dynasty

13:35 - CueZero: exotic duck, rare breed timmy doesn't have :ducky:
13:36 - CueZero: rare because its dick is actually straight
13:37 - CueZero: I should stop typing at 4:30am
14:40 - Timmy the Duck Thief: Dick can be straight, but that duck doesn't need to be
14:40 - Timmy the Duck Thief: Wordplay~
14:41 - CueZero: whoa-ho
14:42 - Timmy the Duck Thief: :3
14:42 - CueZero: I need a quote wall just for that

00:24 - BroDuck: try and stop me timmy
00:24 - BroDuck: im a free duck
00:24 - Timmy the Duck Thief: No
00:24 - Timmy the Duck Thief: You're mine
00:25 - BroDuck: exactly.
00:25 - BroDuck: no
00:25 - BroDuck: NO
00:25 - BroDuck: NO
00:25 - Timmy the Duck Thief: YES
00:25 - BroDuck: exactly to the NO
00:25 - Timmy the Duck Thief: NO
00:25 - BroDuck: i am not yours
00:25 - Timmy the Duck Thief: YES YOU ARE

01:11 - CueZero: oh oh and let me write the story x3
01:12 - CueZero: there once was a duck named Timmy, he was hot. so I banged it.

03:57 - Knalraap™: Timmy I'd rather look at lesbian porn than do this again.

03:45 - Knalraap: Shit what will we talk about now? :o
03:46 - Timmy the Duck Thief: There are always dicks.
03:46 - Knalraap is now Offline.

23:05 - Chrysa: You're pretty much the only sane person surrounded by an ocean of idiots.
23:05 - Timmy the Duck Thief: That sounds good when I hear it from you.
23:05 - Chrysa: You're still an idiot.
23:05 - Timmy the Duck Thief: <3

11:30 PM - Cum for me daddy: Friend says I never use interesting profile names, he needs to learn I do ;3
11:32 PM - Timmy the Duck Thief: Your Steam ID checks out, ends with :pa69:

3:04 - Speary: what the fuck does he even do? because you would have to be pretty fucking bad to be working for a company that only makes truck games.
3:05 - Ooh La-La: Don't know, I like to imagine that he plays with little toy trucks at the office.
3:06 - Speary: you fuchead its not a company building
3:07 - Speary: its like one of those terrible companys that go to each others houses and work on the game on a gay cum filled laptop.
3:08 - Ooh La-La: Because they totally masturbate to trucks hence the cum?
3:08 - Speary: stop talking
3:08 - Speary: please
3:08 - Speary: xD

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