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2 apr., 2016 @ 2:49
În subiectul a other game who ripoff Hotline Miami

here's your reply
5 nov., 2014 @ 16:15
În subiectul Just loss all my save data.
This has happened to me twice now, although I wasn't using a controller/playing co-op. Everything just deleted itself.
4 nov., 2014 @ 19:32
În subiectul Problems with shared library and save slots?
I have my library shared with my brother, but we both use the same computer. When I logged off to let him play and I got back on, my progress was gone (As well as the third file slot). He was also unable to get an achievement because I already got it on my account.
Also when he beat mom's heart, he got the 4th ending when it was first time (I beat mom 3 times until he played) and his save slot had all my progress as well despite him not doing any of it.

Anyone know any way to fix this?
29 sept., 2014 @ 13:41
În subiectul let's make things clear:
only reason why people say foxy is female because they want to deny their homo love for him
I like the idea. It makes some sense and adds to the creepiness of the game.
26 aug., 2014 @ 15:48
În subiectul Why does there need to be a security guard?
the same reason a man would work 30 hours a week for 120 bucks
26 aug., 2014 @ 15:43
În subiectul Guys, help.
1. Are you ready for Freddie? Y/N

N - Too bad, get ready for Freddie
7 aug., 2014 @ 17:52
În subiectul Yet More Crazy 'No Game Saving' Nonsense.
"game manufacturers...these days"

Release Date: Nov 16, 2009
15 apr., 2014 @ 10:40
În subiectul Tips for WX78 starting out in spring?
Craft the flower umbrella immediately, it'll keep SOME damage off for a little while
27 febr., 2014 @ 18:36
În subiectul What did pay for?

You just don't get it
27 febr., 2014 @ 18:32
În subiectul I would rather buy the new Rambo game than this.
15 febr., 2014 @ 19:26
În subiectul a
Postat inițial de DFS Jorji Costava:
Octodad isn't an octopus, he's a Kolechian terrorist in a very convincing octopus costume!


19 dec., 2013 @ 8:29
În subiectul When the new christmas keys are on sale...
When ANY new key comes out, for some reason it will be double the price of a normal key (Not in $$$, but in ref). You could basically break the system by buying 1 new key, trading it for 2 normal keys, sell those 2 keys on the market, and have enough money to buy 2 more new keys.
"Will this game please those hardcore CS 1.6 players? No, nothing does."

-Totalbiscuit when talking about CS:GO for his top 10 games of 2012

2 dec., 2013 @ 14:41
În subiectul Russian Planes OP In Arcade?
Keep in mind the free/starter "Hero" plane for the USSR can be attached with rockets.
27 nov., 2013 @ 17:12
În subiectul UMP nerfed as of today's patch
ogm nurf nao :csgogun::csgoct:
27 nov., 2013 @ 17:11
În subiectul (Solved)Gun Skins/Camos causing Crashes?
Postat inițial de ☆MythAlex ツ:
Yes, they seem to cause crashes for some PC configurations :-\ (including mine) Disabling your skins does nothing, since OTHER PLAYERS use theirs....

All you have to do is lower the following video settings:

> Model/Texture Detail to LOW
> Shader Detail to HIGH

^ This worked for me. I have no more random in-game crashes, not even map loading crashes.

I hope this helps you.

Thanks broski, that fixed it. Played an entire 30 round competitive with no UV sheet problems or anything(I didn't use my camos just incase)But it seems to be fixed now!
27 nov., 2013 @ 15:46
În subiectul (Solved)Gun Skins/Camos causing Crashes?
Just like the title says, pretty much that. Whenever I play a game where I use my skins/whenever anyone uses skins, my gun will change its camo from what it should be, to the UV sheet of a previous gun. Here's an example of a AUG|Wings with a FAMAS|Doomkitty UV sheet on it.

Usually this just ends up being overally annoying, as every gun with a camo turns into that UV sheet ( Not stock guns with no skins ) and I can't enjoy my gun the way it should be :C. But, if the problem persists over a long period of time, the UV sheet may change, and usually will end up with every weapon with a skin to be pitch black, then results in a crash whenever I pick up another gun with a skin/switch spectating to another person with a gun skin.

So is there any solution to this? I've reverted to just using normal stock guns myself, switching resolutions, graphic quality, etc. But none seem to work.

19 nov., 2013 @ 19:34
În subiectul Remove Pay-2-Win (Premium) from the game
less qq more pewpew

The only thing I don't like about premium is that they get to HAVE FOUR DECALS ON THEIR PLANES. FOUR! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? OH MY GOD.

But someone who buys their way to country rank 20 would BE DESTROYED by the people who actually played and learned to play. This game is literally skill, they only buy it so they can get it earlier, you'll get it soon enough. Just work your way up, I don't mind at all.

Premium is a way that they are able to host servers for their games, without it, they would have to probably sell this game for a very high straight-up one time payment (Seeing how massive this game is). Microtransactions and premium accounts are one of the best ways to fund F2P games.

EDIT: You seem to not know what P2W means, P2W means the person who pays actual money gets an unfiar advatage (IE extra damage, extra health, extra speed) when that is clearly not the case here. I'm pretty sure if some guy bought rockets on his IL-2 with real money, I can get them myself. They get NO advantage what-so-ever, they don't do extra damage, extra speed, or w/e. All the upgrades you buy with real money are the same as the upgrades you buy with in game currency.

tl;dr = this game is not p2w
7 nov., 2013 @ 6:25
În subiectul TF2 and My Little Pony?
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