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Atropian Survival

Learn the basics of survival on Atropos
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 9:58pm

A Shadow in the Fog

Defeat Phrike
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 1:24am


Defeat Ixion
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 6:42pm

Trial by Judgement

Defeat Nemesis
Unlocked Feb 19 @ 11:29pm

Silence the Song

Defeat Hyperion
Unlocked Feb 20 @ 12:57am

Failed Escape

Finish Act 1
Unlocked Feb 19 @ 11:33pm

Second Chance

Returned by an Artifact
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 1:23am

Cryptic Messages

Scan a Xenoglyph
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 9:38pm

Cryptic Translations

Unlock all translation tiers of a Xenoglyph
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 11:42am

Surgical Precision

Perform 5 successful Overloads in a row
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 9:56pm

Risk Assessment

Finish Calculated Risk
Unlocked Feb 19 @ 12:46am

Adrenaline Spike

Achieve maximum Adrenaline Level
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 9:23pm

Eternal Return

Experience a new cycle after death
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 9:13pm

Alternate Fates

Retrieve 10 Scout Logs
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 1:42am

Welcome Home

Complete the first House sequence
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 1:17am

Visions of the Past

Complete a Xeno-archive set (excluding Tower of Sisyphus)
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 9:16pm

Eternal Ascent

Die and return in the Tower
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 7:18pm

Broken, Restored, Empty

Complete the first Hospital sequence
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 7:22pm

Past the Ruins

Finish Overgrown Ruins Survey

Adapting to Circumstance

Achieve Weapon Proficiency level 30

In-Field Training

Complete a daily challenge in Simulation Mode

Hardened Shell

Achieve 200% Max Integrity

Irreversibly Contaminated

Have 5 Parasites simultaneously


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